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The Caviar Manicure

For readers out there who like nail art, this is the post for you! There is a great deal going on with what known as the "Caviar Manicure" now.

It is just basically sticking beads on your nails to make it look elegant and classy.

Ciaté, a UK brand recently launched its Caviar manicure and it is so lovely!!!!!

They have a tutorial on their website teaching you how to create this magnificent look for your nails. 

It is really as easy as ABC, just sprinkle the 'caviar' and let it stick on to your nail polish! Thats it! And you have a sophisticated style without looking too over.

They currently have 3 colours, rainbow, black pearls and mother of pearls, selling at GBP18 per bottle. 

That is about RM90 for a bottle of nail polish, twice more expensive than a decent OPI.

Besides their own website, you can buy it from Sephora website as well. As for Malaysia, I have yet to see this nail polish in Malaysia's Sephora.

If you are planning to buy it online, it is advisable to think again because the delivery costs is more expensive than the "caviar" itself.

Disappointed that after all the excitement about this caviar manicure, it is too expensive to afford especially its just nail art?

Well, sweat not! There are loads of nail bloggers out there who have tutorials on how to create this caviar look! Check out these fantastic tutorials by The Nailasaurus and The Polish Police.

The Nailasaurus gives you a list of all other nail bloggers with their own DIY caviar manicure! Check them out and starting caviar-ing your nails!

Here are some of the pictures taken from their blog!

from The Polish Police
from The Polish Police
from The Polish Police