Glam Stage

First of all, sorry for the slow updates! Been busy busy busy!

Today's post is about this new shopping site known as Glam Stage.

Glam Stage is another online shopping site that runs mainly using Facebook. They were established back in March 2012 so they are considered new to the crowd!

New competitior in joining the crowd of popular online shopping sites like Doublewoot, IIvory Couture, Curves Boutique and Attire Attic.

Why do I say that? Mainly because the line of clothes they are selling are the same. Not all, mostly the same. So for shoppers who love designs from Doublewoot, IIvory Couture, Curves Boutique and Attire Attic, you do not have to worry if you can't secure your favourite dresses cause its OUT OF STOCK or SOLD OUT, you have more options now!

Although Attire Attic is recently taking a change in their collection, not so many office wear but more to casual wear. You might not necessarily see the same designs you see in Doublewoot, IIvory Couture and Curves Boutiques now at Attire Attic.

So GLAM STAGE! Name also damn GLAMOUR-kan. Here are some of the information you might want to know about them, taken from their own Facebook Page.

They do not provide POSLAJU delivery so far as I know. Only registered mail. They are based in Kuala Lumpur.

One thing that they have that most of the online shopping sites dont is they have their prices in SGD as well. So I'm guessing they have quite a huge customer base in Singapore.

For example the dress below

Here is the pricing in the picture below. You can clearly sees the price for Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and Singapore Dollar (SGD). And wow, they are earning quite a bit from Singaporeans ah. SGD40.90 is RM98.16. 

Well but sweat not, the price in SGD is including postage! HEHE so not that bad LAH!!
I have previously blogged about this dress at Fake Victoria Beckham. You can check out the prices there. Here is a quick one for your easy reference.

Doublewoot RM69.00 Curves Boutique RM70.00

This design is so far not spotted on IIvory Couture and Attire Attic yet. As far as prices are concerned Doublewoot is the cheapest. Maybe Glam Stage should check out their competitors more and reduce on their selling price. Not to mention that Curves Boutique and Doublewoot gives out free postage as well.

Here is another design that can you get to see in these few boutiques.

I am not saying it is bad but just think twice before you buy because the more boutique selling it means more people will be wearing it and you don't want to be caught in a situation where you are face to face with someone who is wearing the same piece as you.

On the other hand, it is good news for those who doesn't mind to be seen wearing it because if one boutique doesnt have stock, you know you always have other options *winks*

I have bought from all of those boutiques and I will do a write up about all of them soon. Comparing their service, prices and quality of garments. It will be a long post though. HAHA.

Until then, hope you enjoyed this post!


The Caviar Manicure

For readers out there who like nail art, this is the post for you! There is a great deal going on with what known as the "Caviar Manicure" now.

It is just basically sticking beads on your nails to make it look elegant and classy.

Ciaté, a UK brand recently launched its Caviar manicure and it is so lovely!!!!!

They have a tutorial on their website teaching you how to create this magnificent look for your nails. 

It is really as easy as ABC, just sprinkle the 'caviar' and let it stick on to your nail polish! Thats it! And you have a sophisticated style without looking too over.

They currently have 3 colours, rainbow, black pearls and mother of pearls, selling at GBP18 per bottle. 

That is about RM90 for a bottle of nail polish, twice more expensive than a decent OPI.

Besides their own website, you can buy it from Sephora website as well. As for Malaysia, I have yet to see this nail polish in Malaysia's Sephora.

If you are planning to buy it online, it is advisable to think again because the delivery costs is more expensive than the "caviar" itself.

Disappointed that after all the excitement about this caviar manicure, it is too expensive to afford especially its just nail art?

Well, sweat not! There are loads of nail bloggers out there who have tutorials on how to create this caviar look! Check out these fantastic tutorials by The Nailasaurus and The Polish Police.

The Nailasaurus gives you a list of all other nail bloggers with their own DIY caviar manicure! Check them out and starting caviar-ing your nails!

Here are some of the pictures taken from their blog!

from The Polish Police
from The Polish Police
from The Polish Police


Fake Victoria Beckham

I read this online and I just have to share. 

Pictures of Lucy Mecklenburgh in a tangerine dress were taken and the dress appears to be a similar design with a Victoria Beckham design. Those of you who do not know who Lucy Mecklenburgh is, she is one of the cast member in UK's famous show called The Only Way Is Essex. She might not  be Victoria Beckham famous but she is considered to be a public figure. Paparazzi will take pictures of her.

This is Lucy Mecklenburgh wearing the tangerine dress.

This is Mrs Beckham herself in her proud creation.

I wish Malaysia has a magazine or a site that shares out interesting pictures like this. It helps a lot in educating people about fashion. People here goes for whatever they think is cool, basically its just following the trend and most of the time following it blindly.  

Most of you who read my blog will know that I have discussed about this before in Daphne Iking in Doublewoot Dress - Copycat Design which happened to be one of the most read posts.

I love designer labels but I think it is going a bit too far to reproduce their pieces in exact same pattern and style. Normal small fish people is still acceptable to be see wearing a 'copycat' design because we all know we do not have a few thousands to spend on a dress.

But what about public figure? celebrities? 

Surely if you can carry a Chanel handbag like Lucy Mecklenburgh, you can afford a Victoria Beckham dress right? Isn't it a bit embarrassing to be spotted in a copycat design? I would rather see someone wearing something simple with no particular brand than to be in something which is a copycat design. 

This is also another bad example of wearing a copycat design to a public event! 

Victoria Beckham should have a legal team to sue for their intellectual property rights. Haha and remember ignorance is not a defense in law.

Now who want to be spotted in this carrying a LV handbag? Talk about class! Fake it when you can't afford it yea? HAHA


Malaysian Girls Generation

So I bet everyone in Malaysia knows that Blogger Audrey Ooi (fourfeetnine) just got married!

I saw this picture posted on xia xue's facebook and OMG so cute! 

Hahaha, I am not exactly a pink or girly person but the colours and style for the bridesmaid dresses is just so out of the box! 

Hats off to Audrey! Her wedding theme is UP and everything is created inspired by UP!

Balloons, colours. so much joy, so much happiness. Just the right mode for a wedding!

Right after I saw the bridesmaid photo, I see this. Haha, kinda similar to the bridesmaid photo yea? Like Girls Generation, just more colourful! 


David and Harper Beckham

I love Daddy and daughter relationship. I think its sweet to be daddy's girl. Maybe it is the fact that mother daughter will always have a connection being the same gender. The same for father and son. 

I saw this on the net and is totally LOVING IT. These pictures made me smile so much!

Harper is growing into such a cute adorable little girl!!!!!

Harper in mummy's arms. 

SO CUTE RIGHT!!!! Getting a Kiss from DAVID BECKHAM!!


My Victoria Secret

Anyone a big fan of Victoria Secret? Well I am. Especially their swimwear.

From the moment I got my own Victoria Secret bikini, I have never thought of buying any other brand. Simply because of how comfortable it is. 

I have tried buying some really cheap bikinis online but the quality is disastrous. The padding is lousy. After a few wash/swim, the padding makes your boobs look weird. The strings to the bikini top is not strong enough. You tie it then after a few moments, you can feel air coming into your boobs. Not protected and safe at all!

So after a lot of lousy online bikinis, I decided to invest in one which is good. This is mainly because I love swimming so I would need one that is good to last for long term. My first buy was a year back and I LOVE IT!!!! I told myself to buy more when they are having sales! Cause to be honest, it is very pricey for a Victoria Secret bikini if it is not on sale because the shipping charges is quite expensive.

I found out that Victoria Secret is having their swimwear sale right now and I quickly grab the opportunity to get some good deals. I went online and browse through a few designs! I quickly added the items into the shopping bag and proceeded to checkout. Delivery normally takes 2-3 weeks. They will send you an email upon confirmation of your order and shipment as well so no worries *winks*

I manage to find something I like and the prices are reasonable. Victoria Secret sells their bikini separately. The top and the bottom. The price for the top is usually USD35-25 depending on the design while the bottom is usually from USD19-12.

I manage to get a USD9.99 for the top and bottom! USD19.98 for one set! CHEAP OR NOT? That is less than RM60.00 for a bikini! Even Roxy's bikini is RM100++.

Then another set with stripes print is a little bit more expensive but WHAT THE HELL. They charge your shipping according to your total purchase amount so no harm adding another set la. HAHAHAHA

See the shipping charges below. You can get this information from their website.

After all the online clicking (and paying), I was really happy to receive my parcel last weekend! Here are they~~~

I feel in love the moment I saw this design on Victoria Secret website. Simply because I was attracted to the colours and the design of the bottom as well. 

And you can be assured of its hygiene as there is a sticker protecting any crazy bacterias from a person's touch. Though I would still recommend you all to wash it before you wear la. No harm to stay on the safe side right?

This is the USD 9.99 for the top and bottom bikini! NICE RIGHT!
Victoria Secret is damn nice. They give you a USD3 catalogue for free! It comes together in the parcel. Either that is their ultimate trick to make you buy more or they have loads of it to give it away free. I enjoyed flipping through the catalogue and well, also because you can't get a copy of this catalogue anywhere! Heheheehe.

I'm so so happy with my new bikinis collection that I can't wait to go for a beach holiday or just to go for a swim! HAHAHAHA. 

Trying them out! Sorry for the low quality of the pictures and my not so Victoria Secret angelic body >"<

Go get your Victoria Secret bikini now especially when the swimwear sale is still on! Never too expensive to invest in a good bikini! They have sizes and designs for every type of body! Push up no push up, sexy, sporty, girly, colourful, prints, solid colours and the list goes on!


Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses

This might be slightly out of topic but I am desperate.

My best friend is getting married end of this year and I am looking for bridesmaid dresses. It has to be light purple or lavender-ish colour.

It is so damn difficult to find a nice one. I am looking for 3 bridesmaids dresses, all in the same colour and same design (well, the BRIDE is the spotlight of the day!). It is better if it is a maxi dress because everyone looks the same. Shorter dress might look different on different people due to individual height.

I am looking for something that is similar to this :

So please, anyone out there who come across any good website selling bridesmaid dresses or maxi dresses in light purple, please please please drop me an email! I need 3!!!

Blogshop owners are welcome to email me. 

The wedding is a beautiful beach wedding and my friend and her fiance is flying all the way from Australia back to Malaysia for the wedding! 



Body Shop Cranberry Body Butter

Friends who know me well know that I am a big fan of lotion. Any lotion. I can't leave the house without applying lotion, its like a layer of protection I need before I can wear my clothes on. LOL

I think I have stressed enough on the importance of lotion in my previous post on Redwin Sorbolene lotion.

So among all the body butter that I have tried, I truly list The Body Shop Cranberry Body Butter to be the best of all.

I love the smell. The texture. The oiliness. The long lasting fragrance.

But I hate that you can only get it during limited periodIt is a special season body butter. You can only purchase it during Christmas time. So I can only anticipate for its arrival during year end. So cham.


But lucky me cause the Body Shop sales this year is like an answer to my dreams. They have my favourite body butter on sale for 50%. FIFTY PERCENT OFF! I went crazy seeing that. I grabbed a basket and instantly placed 6 tubes into it! HAHAHAAHAHAHA. 

My crazy shopping spree
6 tubes for the price of 3 tubes!
My boyfriend thinks I am crazy and he said I am never having the right to complain about being broke in front of him. CISSSS. But he is so lovely cause when he went back to England last December, he bought me the shower gel and the body scrub *happy*

So the reason why I love this Cranberry body butter so much is because of its smell and texture. Very smooth to apply. It can be a bit too oily for some people but I like it. Because I am always in air conditioned room so the oiliness of the body butter helps to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day. 

A little bit of the body butter on my hand
Body Butter on my thigh
Applying it in a circular motion
TA DAAAAH! Oily and protected thigh LOL
Can see the oiliness of it on my skin. But once you are used to it, it won't be a problem. It actually makes you feel very moisturized and protected for the whole day! I applied it every morning and when I shower every night at about 10pm, you can still feel the body butter as the water runs through your body. POWDERFUL RIGHT?

Get your skin protected and smell great at the same time! Body Shop Cranberry Body Butter is the Answer to it!