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The Caviar Manicure

For readers out there who like nail art, this is the post for you! There is a great deal going on with what known as the "Caviar Manicure" now.

It is just basically sticking beads on your nails to make it look elegant and classy.

Ciaté, a UK brand recently launched its Caviar manicure and it is so lovely!!!!!

They have a tutorial on their website teaching you how to create this magnificent look for your nails. 

It is really as easy as ABC, just sprinkle the 'caviar' and let it stick on to your nail polish! Thats it! And you have a sophisticated style without looking too over.

They currently have 3 colours, rainbow, black pearls and mother of pearls, selling at GBP18 per bottle. 

That is about RM90 for a bottle of nail polish, twice more expensive than a decent OPI.

Besides their own website, you can buy it from Sephora website as well. As for Malaysia, I have yet to see this nail polish in Malaysia's Sephora.

If you are planning to buy it online, it is advisable to think again because the delivery costs is more expensive than the "caviar" itself.

Disappointed that after all the excitement about this caviar manicure, it is too expensive to afford especially its just nail art?

Well, sweat not! There are loads of nail bloggers out there who have tutorials on how to create this caviar look! Check out these fantastic tutorials by The Nailasaurus and The Polish Police.

The Nailasaurus gives you a list of all other nail bloggers with their own DIY caviar manicure! Check them out and starting caviar-ing your nails!

Here are some of the pictures taken from their blog!

from The Polish Police
from The Polish Police
from The Polish Police


Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

I am so so sorry for MIA-ing the last few days. Things have been crazy and there are a lot of stuffs going on.

Anyway, I wanted to share this MAGICAL product to all of you. I read about this from a fashion beauty lifestyle blogger called Suzi. You can like her facebook page at StyleSuzi.

She shared this video about a nail polish remover from Bourjois. For those who are not familiar with the brand, it is a UK brand. I love their nail polish especially the french manicure. They have a special brush for you to create perfect french manicure without any fuss (maybe I will blog about it in future).

Well, being a nail polish addict myself, I always find removing them to be the shittiest part. Especially when some of them are peeling off or fading, gosh aklhfebjblfsLBLFSD LOOK SO UGLY. From beautiful fingers, you will have old, dull and fugly fingers.

And the removing part is always the most troublesome because you need to spend time on it. Dabbing the cotton, rubbing it on your nail ONE BY ONE and after that, you can feel the skin of your fingertips being very dry. Annoying right?

Well, don't be because I may have just found the best solution for everyone!


Photo taken from
Dont underestimate this small little bottle. It does miracle. Suzi made a video on how to use it and you can see how effective it is. 

For those who are lazy to load the video, let me explain to you how it works.

Open the lid, dip your finger into the bottle, move the bottle in circular motion for about 2-3 seconds, pull your finger out and TADAAAAAH, your nail is clean! No more nail polish!

Abit hard to believe right? WATCH THE VIDEO AND YOU WILL KNOW!

Even more amazing is that this magic bottle only costs GBP4.99! That is like RM25.00 only! So convenient and fuss free. Save cotton as well. Your fingers wont be destroyed by the chemical from nail polish remover.

I am getting this next month no matter what! For anyone who is interested, please email me! Magical nail polish remover, can probably cheat kids with it. MAGIC AHHHHH! hahahaahahahahaa.



Su-estilo. I dont really know the pronunciation so I read it as SUE ASS TILO. Its up to you how you want to pronounce it. 

I came to know about them through a blogger, Bell. Su-estilo have their own website, twitter account (@suestilocom) as well as a facebook page

Su-estilo website
Su-estilo Facebook Page
Twitter account
Su-estilo is started by 2 girls who love shopping and fashion (I guess all online sites do). They have been in the business for a year now and its their 1st year anniversary. Congrats!

They sell very girly clothes. Feminine, elegant and classy. Nothing like hip hop rock n roll crap. Not a lot of corporate wear. More to casual cocktail girls night out style.

Here are some pictures taken from their website for your viewing.

Loving those floral prints right? And they are ON SALE!

What better now is they are giving FREE DELIVERY for purchase above RM35.00! HOW EASY IS THAT? hahahaahhaa, basically it meas you get free delivery for even 1 purchase!

Their prices are not expensive. Unless for maxi dresses of course it will be more expensive. Other than that, blouse, top, dresses, skirt are hardly above RM65.00! For those who frequent online shopping will know that the basic price for a good quality piece would be RM69.00. But hey, they are selling nice dresses at RM59.00!

Check out this simple dress. I have seen other site selling simple dress as such for RM65.00 and at Su-estilo, you can get it at RM59.00 AND FREE POSLAJU DELIVERY

They have a theme for their collection every month and this July, it is Absolute Feminity. Love the picture and the concept. Most pieces launched in July are very Coco Chanel and elegant.

They accept all sorts of payments. Maybank CIMB Hong Leong RHB Paypal VISA etc. Place your order by either emailing them or the 'add cart' system on their website. You can obtain further information from their website.

Now GOOD NEWS! They are celebrating their 1st anniversary and is giving away RM10 voucher for every sign up! So faster go sign up! You can read about the discount voucher more at BELL. Our country's very own beautiful blogger who is still studying!

BELL website
Taken from BELL website
This voucher giveaway ends 31st July so hurry up! Pretty dresses, affordable prices, free delivery and VOUCHER?!?!?!?! How much better can it gets?


Redwin Sorbolene Lotion

I LOVE SKINCARE PRODUCTS! Especially lotion and body butter.

They are a necessity to me. I can't live without them. I can't even walk out of the house without applying it. Its like a layer of protection I need to have if not I feel NAKED.
So my friend who is residing in Melbourne gave me this lotion and told me that it is good. Its from Redwin. She told me that her lips were parched when she first got to Aussie and the doctor recommended this cream called SORBOLENE. 

Little did she know that it is actually lotion and not some special cream in a small tube. So you can roughly know how non-chemical the lotion is because it is safe to apply on the lips!

Here is how the lotion looks like - Sorbolene from Redwin!

Front view
Back view - can even be used as shaving cream and makeup removew =O

I applied it the same day I received the lotion. and I LOVE IT. The texture is not oily yet when you applied on your skin, you can instantly feel how moisture it is. It just absorbs into your skin. Your skin wont feel oily or sticky after the application. It just feels normal but PROTECTED and MOISTURIZED!

So here is abit of the lotion on my thigh.

Applied it in circular motion because it will absorb easily into the skin. Haha, I editted this picture and it looks damn bright.

Here is the original picture. #nofilter #noedit The lotion is very watery and easy to apply.

TADAAAAAA. Skin is smooth and soft and protected!! I like saying protected because that is how I feel about lotion. Its a layer of protection!

I went online and did some read up about this lotion and OMG the price is not even expensive! You know the most common lotion we can find in guardian and watsons costs about RM18-RM30. For eg this Johnson & Johnson lotion :-

This lotion costs about RM18-RM20 for a 400ml bottle. Guess how much Redwin's Sorbolene costs?

FREAGGIN AUD 4.99! Its RM15.00 for 1 LITRE bottle!!!!!!! SO CHEAP!!!!!!

I am going to buy 5 of this when I go to Australia this year. *remind self to upsize luggage*

For those who have friends in Australia, try to bribe your friend in smuggling one back. LOL smuggling in a joking way ok, it is not illegal to smuggle lotion. HAHA. Y so serious?

Check out other products from Redwin as well! My friend bought their hand cream in Singapore and its heavenly therapy to the hands!

oooh my favourite~~~~


Fashion Feed - Katy Perry 4th July Eyelash Look

Katy Perry is famous for her cotton candy look, her porcelain skin, big eyes and curvy figure. Her hair has been through extreme colour transformation as well from blue to purple.

So in line with the 4th of July celebrations and her own Part of Me 3D film, she had her eyelashes glam up for her movie premier at Leicester Square, London!!

She was spotted in a very beautiful gown with a mermaid tail cutting. Check out her heels as well. Great match for the gown. Her hair was pulled back neatly leaving her strong features to stand out especially the red lips!

Katy Perry - pictures credit to Getty Images
One would have never expected her eyelashes to be any different. Judging from the above pic, it just looks like the normal eyelashes. 

Gosh but when she was caught on camera leaning down for a kiss from her young fan, absolutely stunning!

Katy Perry-pictures credit Splash

The red blue white colours of her eyelashes! So Pretty!

Katy Perry has come a long way especially from her divorce with comedian Russell Brand. Her music itself has evolved from pop music like I Kissed a Girl to powerful vocals in E.T and Fireworks.

She works hard and never fail to deliver stunning music videos.

It was really funny to see how down to earth she is when Miss Perry herself got excited about her eyelashes. She posted a picture of it on her twitter!
Katy Perry's twitter

I wonder if Malaysia is showing her new film - Part of Me! Would be really entertaining to watch her on and off screen! 

Snippets of her in person, talking, joking just like the rest of us. Some shots of her in less make-up. hehehehe

Okay, one last pic of her eyelashes! LOVING IT SO MUCH! =D =D