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My Victoria Secret

Anyone a big fan of Victoria Secret? Well I am. Especially their swimwear.

From the moment I got my own Victoria Secret bikini, I have never thought of buying any other brand. Simply because of how comfortable it is. 

I have tried buying some really cheap bikinis online but the quality is disastrous. The padding is lousy. After a few wash/swim, the padding makes your boobs look weird. The strings to the bikini top is not strong enough. You tie it then after a few moments, you can feel air coming into your boobs. Not protected and safe at all!

So after a lot of lousy online bikinis, I decided to invest in one which is good. This is mainly because I love swimming so I would need one that is good to last for long term. My first buy was a year back and I LOVE IT!!!! I told myself to buy more when they are having sales! Cause to be honest, it is very pricey for a Victoria Secret bikini if it is not on sale because the shipping charges is quite expensive.

I found out that Victoria Secret is having their swimwear sale right now and I quickly grab the opportunity to get some good deals. I went online and browse through a few designs! I quickly added the items into the shopping bag and proceeded to checkout. Delivery normally takes 2-3 weeks. They will send you an email upon confirmation of your order and shipment as well so no worries *winks*

I manage to find something I like and the prices are reasonable. Victoria Secret sells their bikini separately. The top and the bottom. The price for the top is usually USD35-25 depending on the design while the bottom is usually from USD19-12.

I manage to get a USD9.99 for the top and bottom! USD19.98 for one set! CHEAP OR NOT? That is less than RM60.00 for a bikini! Even Roxy's bikini is RM100++.

Then another set with stripes print is a little bit more expensive but WHAT THE HELL. They charge your shipping according to your total purchase amount so no harm adding another set la. HAHAHAHA

See the shipping charges below. You can get this information from their website.

After all the online clicking (and paying), I was really happy to receive my parcel last weekend! Here are they~~~

I feel in love the moment I saw this design on Victoria Secret website. Simply because I was attracted to the colours and the design of the bottom as well. 

And you can be assured of its hygiene as there is a sticker protecting any crazy bacterias from a person's touch. Though I would still recommend you all to wash it before you wear la. No harm to stay on the safe side right?

This is the USD 9.99 for the top and bottom bikini! NICE RIGHT!
Victoria Secret is damn nice. They give you a USD3 catalogue for free! It comes together in the parcel. Either that is their ultimate trick to make you buy more or they have loads of it to give it away free. I enjoyed flipping through the catalogue and well, also because you can't get a copy of this catalogue anywhere! Heheheehe.

I'm so so happy with my new bikinis collection that I can't wait to go for a beach holiday or just to go for a swim! HAHAHAHA. 

Trying them out! Sorry for the low quality of the pictures and my not so Victoria Secret angelic body >"<

Go get your Victoria Secret bikini now especially when the swimwear sale is still on! Never too expensive to invest in a good bikini! They have sizes and designs for every type of body! Push up no push up, sexy, sporty, girly, colourful, prints, solid colours and the list goes on!