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Body Shop Cranberry Body Butter

Friends who know me well know that I am a big fan of lotion. Any lotion. I can't leave the house without applying lotion, its like a layer of protection I need before I can wear my clothes on. LOL

I think I have stressed enough on the importance of lotion in my previous post on Redwin Sorbolene lotion.

So among all the body butter that I have tried, I truly list The Body Shop Cranberry Body Butter to be the best of all.

I love the smell. The texture. The oiliness. The long lasting fragrance.

But I hate that you can only get it during limited periodIt is a special season body butter. You can only purchase it during Christmas time. So I can only anticipate for its arrival during year end. So cham.


But lucky me cause the Body Shop sales this year is like an answer to my dreams. They have my favourite body butter on sale for 50%. FIFTY PERCENT OFF! I went crazy seeing that. I grabbed a basket and instantly placed 6 tubes into it! HAHAHAAHAHAHA. 

My crazy shopping spree
6 tubes for the price of 3 tubes!
My boyfriend thinks I am crazy and he said I am never having the right to complain about being broke in front of him. CISSSS. But he is so lovely cause when he went back to England last December, he bought me the shower gel and the body scrub *happy*

So the reason why I love this Cranberry body butter so much is because of its smell and texture. Very smooth to apply. It can be a bit too oily for some people but I like it. Because I am always in air conditioned room so the oiliness of the body butter helps to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day. 

A little bit of the body butter on my hand
Body Butter on my thigh
Applying it in a circular motion
TA DAAAAH! Oily and protected thigh LOL
Can see the oiliness of it on my skin. But once you are used to it, it won't be a problem. It actually makes you feel very moisturized and protected for the whole day! I applied it every morning and when I shower every night at about 10pm, you can still feel the body butter as the water runs through your body. POWDERFUL RIGHT?

Get your skin protected and smell great at the same time! Body Shop Cranberry Body Butter is the Answer to it!