One Dress 4 Sites

Shocker shocker.

I have to admit, I LOVE THIS DRESS. But I refrain myself from buying it because I want to see how available is this dress in the market.

And lucky me, I was right. The dress keep popping out at other sites. Sometimes I wish the online sites do a little bit more of research and not to pick the same design that can be seen at other online sites. 

They always tell you 
'specially handpicked' 
'exclusive labels' 
'Must have' 
'Limited pieces'

Browse through and tell me how true it is. 

30th March 2012, Doublewoot introduced it and sold it at RM70.00
Doublewoot RM70.00
Thinking its safe, but 2 months down the road, Atire Attic is selling it at RM69.00 (cheapest of the bunch so far). Attire Attic uploaded it on 15th May 2012.
Attire Attic RM69.00
Then the ball starts rolling, 18th May 2012, IIvory Couture selling it at RM70.00 
IIvory Couture RM70.00
And finally last but not least, Curves Boutique just launched it as their new collection on 31st May 2012 selling at RM70.00.

Curves Boutique RM70.00
So much that I love this dress, I have to let it go. Like the song Too Much by Spice Girls 

"Too much of something is bad enough"

Stay alert shoppers!


  1. Moral of the story is do not buy from these common websites, go to those websites which carry unique pieces!

  2. I always do the same things too! Eyes on these 4 renowned website & blog shops... And finally I knw which is the better 1

  3. I guess it's not fair to comment as such in a way? If this is the case, then might as well ban MNG, Esprit, Guess, Giordano, Vincci and so on. What's the dresses in these 4 online boutiques as compared to the other brands mentioned? If you prefer to be very very exclusive, then you may need to go for high fashion designer brands rather than shopping online. If I like the design/dress from these boutiques, I will still buy them :)

  4. Ppl shop online for cheap deals, not to forget nice clothings too. Considering the price of the dress, why not? I haven't seen ladies in this dress at the functions I attended yet though :)

  5. Hai there, please note that we are not asking or suggesting people to 'ban' anything. If you can prove that MNG Esprit de corp Guess Giordano Vincci (really? they sell dresses?) are selling the same dress like what you see from the above, we are more than happy to take back our words and delete the above post.

    We all know that the ultimate exclusive is to get designer goods, we are just merely stating the fact and allowing other shoppers to know that if they love the dress and couldnt get it from one site, there are still other sites that are available. And see? If you like the dress, you will still buy them despite what other blogshops are selling. So, at the end of the day, we are not really affecting your choice right?

    Cheer up! Everyone has the right to compare and thats what make competition stiff. Shoppers benefit from that.