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Daphne Iking in Doubewoot Dress - A Copycat Design

So I was chatting with my girl the other day, browsing through online sites and this topic came up about local celebrities wearing knockoff or copycat designs.

This was because we saw Doublewoot's facebook posted a picture of Daphne Iking wearing one of their dresses known as the Cartney Spot Peplum.

Doublewoot's own Cartney Peplum Dress

Then it came to me that, one of our local celebrities is actually wearing something which is a copycat design? Isn't that a bit embarrassing? Imagine that picture of hers were published in foreign websites, fashion critics will surely know that it is not a genuine Stella McCartney dress!

For those who are constantly up to date in fashion, they will know that the design was from the famous designer Stella McCartney. Her range of polka dot mesh dresses were a big hit, spotting several high profile celebrities and models wearing them. Here are some of them for your understanding:-
Stella McCartney Fall 2011
Stella McCartney Fall 2011

Celebrities in Stella McCartney
Liv Tyler in Stella McCartney mesh polka dot peplum dress
I think it is okay for general people or also known as the public like us to be wearing affordable (don't want to be saying cheap cause some people might get sensitive and send me hate mails) knockoff designer dresses. But for celebrities, I don't care if you are a local celebrity or international, it doesn't look good! It is like carrying a fake designer bag to classy events where tonnes of people will be carrying genuine designer bags!

Here is our Daphne Iking attending a public event wearing a copycat design =(

Daphne Iking in Doublewoot's Cartney Peplum Dress

I think it is abit disrespectful to the designer as well. Being a celebrity and constantly under the spot light, one should know better than to carry themselves well. 

Wearing copycat designs not only shows how much respect you have for the designer, but it also showed how much respect you have for fashion

I am ashamed if Daphne Iking represents Malaysia in events wearing a copycat design! If you can't afford to wear a Stella McCartney, at least wear something from local designersYou can promote Malaysia designers, be proud of your country and for the least, show that you are smart in fashion!

Anyone thinks the same?


Kim Kardashian v Miranda Kerr

They were both spotted in the same dress.

Miranda Kerr wore it to the Red Carpet Fashion Awards while Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing it today at London attending one of her perfume promotion.

One is a Victoria Secret model, tall, slender and slim. Wife to the handsome Orlando Bloom as well!

Miranda Kerr in Stella McCartney
Another is a rich reality star, curvy, hourglass figure and not tall. Kim is currently dating rapper Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian in Stella McCartney
I think both look good in it. Just that Kim Kardashian picked the wrong heels. It made her legs look shorter.

What about you? Who do you prefer more?