Doublewoot v Curves Boutique

Shoppers alert!

Curves Boutique just updated their latest collection and note that! It is not really 'the latest'. Some of the designs had already been sold at other sites 2-3 weeks ago.

Here are some for you to watch out in case you are interested to buy. Comparison made mainly with Doublewoot! 

Stella McCartney inspired design.
Curves Boutique (31.5.2012) RM69.00
Doublewoot (early May) RM69.00
Frill Dress
Curves Boutique (31.5.2012) RM69.00
Doublewoot RM69.00
Michael Kors inspired pencil dress
Curves Boutique RM70.00
Doublewoot RM72.00 
Aside from comparing postage prices where Doublewoot is giving free delivery, their prices are almost the same. Not huge difference. But you may want to think twice now before you buy because you never know which site will also be selling the same design.

And these designs are copycat or the more preferred term 'designer inspired'. It will be uncool to be spotted wearing the same dress as another on the street especially its something you bought online and not from the designer brand itself.

Its good though for those that do not mind. At least now you know that when one site sold out on the design, you can always stalk on other sites


  1. nice...thanks for the info

  2. Oh no, Doublewoot said it's their exclusive label. :(

  3. Hi readers, thanks for the comment and check on other sites before you purchase next time! We will try our best to bring you more of the sites that are selling the same design.

  4. Doublewoot is definitely better in terms of quality and customer service. Curves Boutique????? NO NO NO... Bad service and arrogant.