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Daphne Iking in Doubewoot Dress - A Copycat Design

So I was chatting with my girl the other day, browsing through online sites and this topic came up about local celebrities wearing knockoff or copycat designs.

This was because we saw Doublewoot's facebook posted a picture of Daphne Iking wearing one of their dresses known as the Cartney Spot Peplum.

Doublewoot's own Cartney Peplum Dress

Then it came to me that, one of our local celebrities is actually wearing something which is a copycat design? Isn't that a bit embarrassing? Imagine that picture of hers were published in foreign websites, fashion critics will surely know that it is not a genuine Stella McCartney dress!

For those who are constantly up to date in fashion, they will know that the design was from the famous designer Stella McCartney. Her range of polka dot mesh dresses were a big hit, spotting several high profile celebrities and models wearing them. Here are some of them for your understanding:-
Stella McCartney Fall 2011
Stella McCartney Fall 2011

Celebrities in Stella McCartney
Liv Tyler in Stella McCartney mesh polka dot peplum dress
I think it is okay for general people or also known as the public like us to be wearing affordable (don't want to be saying cheap cause some people might get sensitive and send me hate mails) knockoff designer dresses. But for celebrities, I don't care if you are a local celebrity or international, it doesn't look good! It is like carrying a fake designer bag to classy events where tonnes of people will be carrying genuine designer bags!

Here is our Daphne Iking attending a public event wearing a copycat design =(

Daphne Iking in Doublewoot's Cartney Peplum Dress

I think it is abit disrespectful to the designer as well. Being a celebrity and constantly under the spot light, one should know better than to carry themselves well. 

Wearing copycat designs not only shows how much respect you have for the designer, but it also showed how much respect you have for fashion

I am ashamed if Daphne Iking represents Malaysia in events wearing a copycat design! If you can't afford to wear a Stella McCartney, at least wear something from local designersYou can promote Malaysia designers, be proud of your country and for the least, show that you are smart in fashion!

Anyone thinks the same?


Joyce Wong v Daphne Iking

First time to have local bloggers for comparison.

Both are wearing dress from online site Doublewoot. My guess is both of them have been sponsored by Doublewoot. If you are interested, you can check out their blog for further details. Pictures are taken from Doublewoot facebook page.

Daphne Iking is wearing a soft pink with the ribbon sash while Joyce Wong went for a more funky look with red colour and no girly ribbon sash.

Daphne Iking in Doublewoot pink polka dot flare dress
Joyce Wong in Doublewoot's red polka dot dress
Who do you prefer more?


As promised, here is the review on Doublewoot. Sorry for the delay, needed more time to gather the pictures and information.

Doublewoot is a local online site based in Penang. They used to be a blogshop but they launched their own website this year. The website is simple to view, not too colourful and very informative.

 They also have a facebook page and keep their customers updated with the launch of every collection. They update every Thursday and Sunday. 

Doublewoot is owned by two sisters Helen and Heliene. You can find their pictures posted on their facebook page (see below). They were also featured in local newspaper the Star previously.
One of the sisters, Heliene
One of the sisters, Helen
The Star coverage on Doublewoot's online business
Their dresses are simple. Plain colours, straight forward cutting, subtle and nothing fancy. A lot of them are suitable for work wear. They are famous for selling flare dress or also known as skater dress. 

Pastel colours, making a huge wave now
Back to the 70s, polka dot comeback

Great photoshopping skill. You can see that from their pictures on facebook. All pictures looked really professional.

They sell most designer inspired pieces from Rouland Mouret, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Karen Millen to street style Topshop and Dorothy Perkins.

Upon their success in these few years, they now have their own label as well. Here is one of their in house design, Darla.

Darla by Doublewoot - RM70.00
Their prices are average. It used to be cheaper but maybe because of the new website, a lot of dresses are at RM70.00 or more than that. When they were operating via blogshop, most of the time the price are fixed at RM69.00.

I used to be a Doublewoot customer. I purchased quite a few dresses from them but stopped doing so as I slowly see a lot of other online sites selling the same design. No matter how nice a dress is, you would not want to be caught dead in the same dress as another person IN PUBLIC. You can check out Curves Boutique, IIvory Couture, Attire Attic and Pandora DeBoutique. They sell similar designs as well.

But note on the postage! Always remember to calculate postage as cost of your dress! Don’t be lazy to do your math!

Doublewoot is now doing promotion and they are giving free Poslaju delivery and trust me, they post out your order FAST. So if you like their dresses, go and shop your hearts out! 
They also ship internationally. You can find the rates on their website.
Lately Doublewoot have been using celebrity bloggers to promote their site. Good and bad for that. More people knowing means more people buying and that would mean more people wearing the same dress around town. Well, its all up to you, if you really love the design of the dress, why not?

Plus, there is a promotion of RM5 discount now if you key in any of the codes provided in these blogs below. You will need to key in the codes upon checkout at Doublewoot's website.

Daphne Iking @ daphneiking.blogspot
Daphne Iking
Daphne Iking (Why is it always the same pose?Pulling a Victoria Beckham?)
Michelle Ooi - the one on the right
Michelle Ooi @ the-kins.blogspot
Joyce Wong @ 
If you want to fully utilize the discount, buy one and key in one code. Get the RM5 discount. Place another separate order and key in another code, get RM5 discount. Do that till you exhaust out all the bloggers code. Its free delivery as well so DO THE MATH! 

This is such a long post but I hope its helpful!