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Fake Victoria Beckham

I read this online and I just have to share. 

Pictures of Lucy Mecklenburgh in a tangerine dress were taken and the dress appears to be a similar design with a Victoria Beckham design. Those of you who do not know who Lucy Mecklenburgh is, she is one of the cast member in UK's famous show called The Only Way Is Essex. She might not  be Victoria Beckham famous but she is considered to be a public figure. Paparazzi will take pictures of her.

This is Lucy Mecklenburgh wearing the tangerine dress.

This is Mrs Beckham herself in her proud creation.

I wish Malaysia has a magazine or a site that shares out interesting pictures like this. It helps a lot in educating people about fashion. People here goes for whatever they think is cool, basically its just following the trend and most of the time following it blindly.  

Most of you who read my blog will know that I have discussed about this before in Daphne Iking in Doublewoot Dress - Copycat Design which happened to be one of the most read posts.

I love designer labels but I think it is going a bit too far to reproduce their pieces in exact same pattern and style. Normal small fish people is still acceptable to be see wearing a 'copycat' design because we all know we do not have a few thousands to spend on a dress.

But what about public figure? celebrities? 

Surely if you can carry a Chanel handbag like Lucy Mecklenburgh, you can afford a Victoria Beckham dress right? Isn't it a bit embarrassing to be spotted in a copycat design? I would rather see someone wearing something simple with no particular brand than to be in something which is a copycat design. 

This is also another bad example of wearing a copycat design to a public event! 

Victoria Beckham should have a legal team to sue for their intellectual property rights. Haha and remember ignorance is not a defense in law.

Now who want to be spotted in this carrying a LV handbag? Talk about class! Fake it when you can't afford it yea? HAHA


David and Harper Beckham

I love Daddy and daughter relationship. I think its sweet to be daddy's girl. Maybe it is the fact that mother daughter will always have a connection being the same gender. The same for father and son. 

I saw this on the net and is totally LOVING IT. These pictures made me smile so much!

Harper is growing into such a cute adorable little girl!!!!!

Harper in mummy's arms. 

SO CUTE RIGHT!!!! Getting a Kiss from DAVID BECKHAM!!


Fashion Feed - Harper Beckham


Look how much Harper Seven Beckham has grown! Totally loving the cute cross back dress on her and the small little sandals!

Victoria Beckham herself with a sling back. A rare pick but it surely fits her considering she needs her hands to be free for little Harper! Crazy wedges too!


Orange is the new deal?

Everyone loves staple colours like Black White and Grey.

But lately there has been a rise on the liking for other colours. And with the late reincarnation of the 70s fashion, no one can deny the power of colours.

First we all see how Red has become famous, then slowly Mustard colour. It is obvious as you can spot a lot of blogshops selling mustard colour dresses now. 

The latest colour to watch out will be ORANGE. Love it or hate it, everything that Victoria Beckham does, attention is about to be given. Mrs Beckham herself might have just launched Orange to be the next colour to watch out.

Victoria Beckham latest Spring 2012 collection displayed an array of orange colour for her dresses. For someone like her who is actually known to be the Queen of Black colour, it was certainly delightful to see the designer herself venturing for bolder colours.
Victoria Beckham Spring 2012
And it proved to be a hit! A number of celebrities are spotted with her design and they all opted for Orange colour instead of the other darker colours.

Abbey Clancy spotted in Victoria Beckham Spring 2012
Jennifer Lopez in Victoria Beckham Spring 2012
Cameron Diaz in a Victoria Beckham gown
Eva Longoria in a Victoria Beckham
And not forgetting Mrs Beckham herself, strutting down in her own design!

Doublewoot tried to keep up the pace and provide the customers with an option for something orange. Sad to say though that the Orange is not really that Orangy. Its more of a reddish orange. I guess its a risk to get garments in orange cause its not a colour acceptable by general.

However, I saw this at Zavia Valora which gave me a shock. WHY? That Orange is BRIGHT ORANGE! Refreshing to the eye indeed and you can be sure that you will stand out in the crowd!
Zavia Valora
Are you one of the bold ones to try orange? I am!