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Zavia Valora

This is an overdue post. I know I promised to blog about Zavia Valora but it has been delayed! So here it is now.

They are really new in the scene, not even 100 likes on their facebook page. Well, I am a bit tired of the major big ones so I decided to try the 'underdogs' now. HAHA

Zavia Valora runs via their facebook page here --> Zavia Valora

I just recently got to know them through one of my readers. I liked their facebook page, received a RM5 voucher

I browsed through their pictures and saw some dresses that I really liked. I decided to tryout, used my voucher and picked 2 dresses.

Paid via Maybank2u. FREE POS LAJU DELIVERY. Received my parcel and was happy!

Here are the 2 dresses that i bought from Zavia Valora (such a long name, so tiring to type)
Dresses from Zavia Valora
Loving this mesh top dress because of its design. See the waist part? It has a small lining there so it gives a better illusion for the waist to look small. The lining works like a small belt as well, and if you want to spice up the outfit, you can match a belt!  
Mesh Top Blue Dress from Zavia Valora
Besides that, the two small flip designs on the left and right is like a slight peplum but not totally. That is really good to cover up tummy fats! Well, we need all these small detail designs to help us look better!
Editted using another filter so the blue colour looks more obvious
The other dress is a stripe one. I picked it because I am totally loving the stripes trend right now. Too many people are into polka dots, a bit dangerous.

This cutting is TO DIE FOR!

The zip that runs across the chest gives it a very sexy look. The material is slightly thin but it works well because it is more figure hugging. It looks as though the cutting is quite simple but it is not. When you put it on, it totally gives you a S shape bodyline
Stripes normally makes people look fatter but because of the fabric of this dress, it does not. It actually helps you to look slimmer!!!! And the zip~~oh la la~~~ can just slide it down and look real sexy. Very convenient when you are out on a hot date. *ifyouknowwhatimean*
As I was happily touching my new dresses, I found a Surprise !!!!!

I got a free mask! Well, apparently if you spend RM100 and above, you are entitled to a free mask! Its a My Beauty Diary mask and damn it, it is a new series. I have never seen this in Malaysia or Singapore so I am really happy to receive it for FREE.
My Beauty Diary 2 step Mask. Free from Zavia Valora
I will review the mask soon! Though I don't know why I received a AFRICA HYDRATING PACK. Maybe its because Malaysia is as hot as AFRICA now. 

Check out Zavia Valora. I have to admit that I think their older pictures are not that nice but the latest updates are so pretty! You get both views, mannequin view and real person view. Loving the soothing green wall as background as well ;)


Orange is the new deal?

Everyone loves staple colours like Black White and Grey.

But lately there has been a rise on the liking for other colours. And with the late reincarnation of the 70s fashion, no one can deny the power of colours.

First we all see how Red has become famous, then slowly Mustard colour. It is obvious as you can spot a lot of blogshops selling mustard colour dresses now. 

The latest colour to watch out will be ORANGE. Love it or hate it, everything that Victoria Beckham does, attention is about to be given. Mrs Beckham herself might have just launched Orange to be the next colour to watch out.

Victoria Beckham latest Spring 2012 collection displayed an array of orange colour for her dresses. For someone like her who is actually known to be the Queen of Black colour, it was certainly delightful to see the designer herself venturing for bolder colours.
Victoria Beckham Spring 2012
And it proved to be a hit! A number of celebrities are spotted with her design and they all opted for Orange colour instead of the other darker colours.

Abbey Clancy spotted in Victoria Beckham Spring 2012
Jennifer Lopez in Victoria Beckham Spring 2012
Cameron Diaz in a Victoria Beckham gown
Eva Longoria in a Victoria Beckham
And not forgetting Mrs Beckham herself, strutting down in her own design!

Doublewoot tried to keep up the pace and provide the customers with an option for something orange. Sad to say though that the Orange is not really that Orangy. Its more of a reddish orange. I guess its a risk to get garments in orange cause its not a colour acceptable by general.

However, I saw this at Zavia Valora which gave me a shock. WHY? That Orange is BRIGHT ORANGE! Refreshing to the eye indeed and you can be sure that you will stand out in the crowd!
Zavia Valora
Are you one of the bold ones to try orange? I am!



Leneys, owned by page owner Leney JinLee operates their online shop via facebook page.

Leneys Facebook Page
Their info states that they have a blog but I clicked on it and its no longer available. So I think they mainly operate through their facebook page.
Leneys Information
You can order via SMS, fb comments or email. I'm curious if the email still works because the website is no longer there.
Leneys clothes are mostly girlish, you can kinda expect that with the pinkish background. The model you see is the owner of the page. 

Their prices are reasonable, actually its considered cheap for online shopping and the best thing is, they are giving free delivery now for purchase of 2 pieces and above. You can expect their prices to be from RM55-RM69. Nothing ever goes over RM70.00.
Leneys - RM59.00
Leneys - RM63.00
They categorized their updates using Collection. The latest collection is Collection 19. Leneys update every Friday at 8.30pm. 

Leneys Albums
However not all of their dresses are unique, you may want to look through a few other online sites or blogshop to get the lowest price and check on which site is giving free delivery. 

Check out the dresses below which are also found on other sites. Some sites offer different colours as well!
Leneys RM69.00
Doublewoot RM69.00
Doublewoot RM69.00

Leneys RM69.00
Leneys RM69.00

Zavia Valora - RM69.00
For the above dress, you can see that Leneys do not have red colour while Zavia Valora offers red for those who love red colour.

The sizes available are mostly S and M. No L sizes.

From the comments on the page, the customer service seems satisfactory and Leneys always engage interactions with the customers. They will post interesting fashion or facts and get the customers to like or comment.

Leneys tagline is Leneys make everyone beautiful. Do you think so?