Lexi Lyla v IIvory Couture

For those of you that still do not know, Lexi Lyla is an online site in Singapore. Created by their own celebrity blogger, Dawn Yang and her lil sister.

The site looks CLASSY! With the nice design and nice pictures, even the model is ang moh.

Well so I was doing what I always do, browsing through sites, checking the pictures, I came across the new launch from Lexi Lyla and saw this dress in particular; the Catherine Dress.

Lexi Lyla - SGD 62.00
Lexi Lyla is selling it at SGD 62.00, that is RINGGIT MALAYSIA 151.00

Our own Malaysia blogshop; IIvory Couture is also selling the exact same piece at guess what? RM70.00

IIvory Couture - RM70.00

And hey, IIvory Couture posted that in April and its SOLD OUT now. Catherine Dress is Lexi Lyla's new launch, May 2012.

Wow, really? One month later? How slow can the fashion scene be in Singapore? Or maybe because there is no competition?

Unless the material of Catherine dress is damn good, its a bit too pricy dont you think? SGD62 is about RM151.00. YOU CAN BUY ABOUT 3 DRESSES!

Lexi Lyla only provide free local shipping for purchase of more than SGD160. Can't even imagine the cost for international shipping!

Maybe the model is expensive? Maybe the website is expensive? Maybe the photoshoot is expensive? or maybe its just because its Dawn Yang? hmm.....curiouser curiouser

Singaporeans should start looking into Malaysian blogshops. Fast updates, latest trend, cheaper, even if its considered 'international' shipping, it wont cost you that much to bear for that.

Anyone a Lexi Lyla's customer? Really love to hear some feedback!


  1. Comparativeeye, thanks for such a shocking post!
    I purchased some dresses online in S'pore too, but lucky me it's not from Lexi Lyla. :)

  2. Hi!

    Thank you for reviewing my online store. I appreciate your honest feedback :)

    Regarding the Catherine dress we are selling, I assure you RM70.00 barely covers the cost price of our piece. It is a very high quality item with excellent fabric and cut. That IIvory Couture sells it at that price is honestly rather shocking and puzzling. It could be possible it's the same design but different material or different manufacturers.

    Please note that not all our items are in this price range (if they are you can be assured they are "luxe"), plenty of our other great designs are below RM100!

    To view some of the comments from our happy customers, kindly view the photo album "CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS" on our Facebook Page.

    We strive to offer customers a completely satisfying, fun, and pleasing shopping experience. From the first click to our site to receiving a beautiful product and having the option to return it if they don't like it :)

    Dawn Yang

  3. Thanks for the clarification! We know now that the material is of good quality!

  4. Perhaps it cost LexiLyla a fortune to ship the dress to Singapore. I bought the same dress from other boutique (NOTE THAT THE QUALITY AND CUTTING IS AWESOME!!!) and it only cost me RM70 too. Or maybe the price is skyhigh cause she's a celebrity blogger? Who knows...

  5. Well, we already known what's the material of Good Quality...
    I vote ★★★★★ for IIvory Couture

    Fashion: ★★★★★ (Trendy & Chic)
    Products Details: ★★★★★ (Real model on)
    Service: ★★★★★ (Friendly & caring)
    Price: ★★★★★ (Affordable)

  6. Hi, this was my first time purchasing clothing online and Lexi Lyla has given me such a terrible experience that I may never again do it. I first saw this lace red dress back order on Lexi lyla and paid for it in march. Since it was a back order they said that it would only be ready in late March or early April, which would be in time for my birthday so I went ahead with it. It is now 8th of June, they have not responded to my emails requesting for an update on my item and there is no phone number listed to call as well. Lexi Lyla is a dishonest establishment and I only hope to raise awareness about this scam to potential clients.

    1. Hi Amedalia,

      We had previously sent an email update to all customers who purchased the LUXE Guipure Lace Mini Dress in red, to inform them that the factory had sent us the dress in a wrong shade of red and we would have to wait for replacement stocks. We also gave customers the option of waiting for the new stocks to arrive or getting a refund.

      Do kindly check again, and if you would like a refund please let us know. Thank you.