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Leneys, owned by page owner Leney JinLee operates their online shop via facebook page.

Leneys Facebook Page
Their info states that they have a blog but I clicked on it and its no longer available. So I think they mainly operate through their facebook page.
Leneys Information
You can order via SMS, fb comments or email. I'm curious if the email still works because the website is no longer there.
Leneys clothes are mostly girlish, you can kinda expect that with the pinkish background. The model you see is the owner of the page. 

Their prices are reasonable, actually its considered cheap for online shopping and the best thing is, they are giving free delivery now for purchase of 2 pieces and above. You can expect their prices to be from RM55-RM69. Nothing ever goes over RM70.00.
Leneys - RM59.00
Leneys - RM63.00
They categorized their updates using Collection. The latest collection is Collection 19. Leneys update every Friday at 8.30pm. 

Leneys Albums
However not all of their dresses are unique, you may want to look through a few other online sites or blogshop to get the lowest price and check on which site is giving free delivery. 

Check out the dresses below which are also found on other sites. Some sites offer different colours as well!
Leneys RM69.00
Doublewoot RM69.00
Doublewoot RM69.00

Leneys RM69.00
Leneys RM69.00

Zavia Valora - RM69.00
For the above dress, you can see that Leneys do not have red colour while Zavia Valora offers red for those who love red colour.

The sizes available are mostly S and M. No L sizes.

From the comments on the page, the customer service seems satisfactory and Leneys always engage interactions with the customers. They will post interesting fashion or facts and get the customers to like or comment.

Leneys tagline is Leneys make everyone beautiful. Do you think so?


Pretty Chase

As promised, here is the review on Pretty Chase. They have a lovely website. Very informative as well. They have a Terms and Conditions section, Customer Feedback, FAQs and Shipping and Return Policy. Here is their website --> Pretty Chase website

They provide free delivery within Malaysia. They ship internationally as well. You can see from the picture below, which is taken from their website on the charges of the Shipping for other countries. Very detailed. 
Pretty Chase -International Shipping Policy and Charges 
They accept all kind of payments. Pay pal, credit cards, Maybank2u, CIMB, RHB, Ambank, Alliance Bank, Hong Leong and even mobile money. Very flexible and convenient for consumers. 
List of payments Pretty Chase accept
They can be contacted via email or the customer feedback section at their website.

Browsing through their website, it is apparent that their clothes cover the two most general women body size. The bigger size and the smaller size. S,M and L. No XS or XL.

This is very welcoming as their target market is bigger. Women of all sizes can shop there. You can see that from the design of the clothes as well. 

The bigger size clothes are generally more loose fitting but it maintains the feminine design and still look fashionable.

Pretty Chase - Dresses that are more loose fitting
It is very easy to spot which kind of dresses are for the more petite size. The dresses will be modeled by a model that shows her face. Here are some of the example for your understanding.

Pretty Chase - Dresses that are smaller in cutting
The price of their dresses are slightly tricky. It may seem to be cheaper because they are using RM66.90, RM69.90 and RM59.90. It is generally TEN CENTS cheaper than the standard online pricing. The pricing of their clothes are very wide, it can be as low as RM49.90 to as high as RM89.90. So its all up to you on how much you like the design of the clothes. 

They have facebook page as well but I prefer viewing on their website as it is more updated and detailed. The pictures on their website are more lively too, the facebook pictures are quite plain. 

Check out their facebook page at prettychase. They are having a "Share to Win" contest and will end on 22nd May 2012. Just like their page and share it to stand a chance to win RM25 vouchers.

Anyone bought from them? Let me know how it is!


IIvory Couture

I came across IIvory Couture a few months back and the moment I clicked onto their page, actually its not a page. Its an individual profile and you will need to add them as friends.

Well but sweat not, the pictures are available to the public and not limited. Their dresses are nice but not special. Most of the dresses I see in IIvory Couture, I have already seen it somewhere else.

Then one of my readers suggested me to review them because she liked their clothes a lot. So well, here it is --> IIvory Couture

This is their Facebook profile
They are really nice. I messaged them and asked a few questions for the purpose of this review and they are willing to reply me. I have messaged some online shops before but they are not willing to cooperate. 

They are quite new to the scene, just started not long ago back in September 2011. They are a registered company under the name IIvory Couture Enterprise.

Here are some of the facts about them

Delivery : Only Poslaju (3 pieces and above, FREE POSTAGE)
Contact : Email, FB message
COD : Available for certain areas (what areas? Not specified)
Refund : They do refund but it is on exceptional cases and they judge it upon case to case basis.

They mostly sell designers inspired dresses, target market group will be the working ladies out there. Most dresses are formal enough to wear to work yet still makes you looking stylish and ‘in fashion’.

The prices are quite reasonable, middle range for online shopping standard. Normally RM70 and nothing above RM80. Though sometimes I do think the price fluctuates too much, some dress I would expect it to be their normal price (RM70) but its lower than that! Not that I am complaining but it doesn’t seem consistent. It can be that the quality of the fabric is different.
IIvory Couture - RM70
Doublewoot - RM69
IIvory Couture - RM60
See the above blue dress? Its nice, with the special shoulder cut, looks classy with a reasonable length, great for work wear and the price is RM60! Like 10 ringgit cheaper than their usual price! So you will have to browse through carefully checking the price of each dress and you might spot a cheap deal!

They update twice a week, normally Wednesday and Friday but lately in April and May, they have new updates every week.

I assume most of the dresses are ready stock because they mail out order as soon as they receive payment. For delivery wise, any purchase of 3 pieces and above, postage is free! And pay attention, it’s a free POSLAJU postage so it’s a good deal because POSLAJU guarantees next day delivery!

IIvory Couture - RM70.00
The model you see in the pictures is the owner of the shop. Not the normal stick thin models so it is good for average size women as they can roughly estimate the size of the dress.

No mannequin pictures. All dresses are modeled by their own models. Style of pictures are the standard plain background showing front and back of the dress.
Doublewoot - RM69.00
Their designs are not all unique, you can find the same design in other shops such as Curves Boutique (reviewed previously) and Doublewoot (to be reviewed soon!). You can see for yourself from the pictures above and below.

Doublewoot - RM70.00

IIvory Couture - RM70.00
But you can feel safe buying from them because their prices do not have a huge difference with other blogshops. Sometimes cheaper but that will only be like a RM1-2 difference. With 3 pieces and free delivery, its still a better deal compared to those who do not provide free delivery or require 5 pieces and above!

Feel free to drop me a message if you bought from them and let me know their quality and customer service! 


Show Room Boutique

This review is about Show Room boutique. A boutique my friend recommended but I never bought from them as they are not really my kinda style.

 They not only have a blog, they also have a facebook page. For me, I will prefer the facebook page because I can have a bird’s eye view of the clothes through the album view.

The clothes they sell include dresses, tops and bottoms (pants and skirts). The style of their photography is simple. Very soothing for the eye to look at.

The model looks kinda pissed off in this picture! HAHAHA
Here are some basic information about them:

Started in : 2009
Location : Kuala Lumpur
Contact : via email
Delivery : registered post or poslaju (no indication if there is any free delivery)
Click on the picture for their profile details
Their style is more towards young girls, very funky and girlish. Price wise, it is slightly higher than the normal blog shops. Tops can go as high as RM60 and dresses can be for RM79, round it up RM80. Then to add on postage, it will be quite costly for online shoppers, not to mention that they do not have free delivery.

Fresh looking top for the young ones
They also provide Cash on Delivery. No mention on whether there will be additional charge or how it will be like. You will need to mention to them in the email if you are to prefer cash on delivery.
All their Terms and Conditions on their FB Page. Not every reader friendly. Just like reading the back of a bank form with all the words jammed together.

Quite the irony actually. From their style of clothes, it seems to be targeted for a younger crowd, but the price is higher than those bloghsops that sell clothes for the working class. Maybe they only target richer young girls? Hahahaa I don’t know!

The pictures, I like that they style up their clothes with belts and clutches. Those accessories are also available for purchase. Pictures with the model posing and all, you will see the link to the accessories for that dress/top. Click on it and it will direct you to the picture of the belt/bag and you can see for yourself the price there.
Model posing, you can see that the caption does not provide the price of the dress
Picture with the hanger, price is stated at the caption
For the price of the dress, find the picture with the clothes displayed on a hanger(see pic above).

The only inconsistency is, some clothes, they only provide pictures of it on a mannequin. I wonder and wonder and it may be because the model is not free for photoshoot, it may be that the quality is not that good and it will reflect on that when a model wears it? It can also be that the size is too small. Anything is possible. Anyone of you that knows the answer is welcome to leave a comment!

Maybe the model is not tall enough to wear this? heehehehehe

One thing refreshing – They have outdoor shooting! Not much, just a few but its quite refreshing to see some outdoor shoots. Looks more professional and stylish.

Well, for those going after a girlish fresh young look with good cash to spend, no harm buying from them!