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Malaysian Girls Generation

So I bet everyone in Malaysia knows that Blogger Audrey Ooi (fourfeetnine) just got married!

I saw this picture posted on xia xue's facebook and OMG so cute! 

Hahaha, I am not exactly a pink or girly person but the colours and style for the bridesmaid dresses is just so out of the box! 

Hats off to Audrey! Her wedding theme is UP and everything is created inspired by UP!

Balloons, colours. so much joy, so much happiness. Just the right mode for a wedding!

Right after I saw the bridesmaid photo, I see this. Haha, kinda similar to the bridesmaid photo yea? Like Girls Generation, just more colourful! 


Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses

This might be slightly out of topic but I am desperate.

My best friend is getting married end of this year and I am looking for bridesmaid dresses. It has to be light purple or lavender-ish colour.

It is so damn difficult to find a nice one. I am looking for 3 bridesmaids dresses, all in the same colour and same design (well, the BRIDE is the spotlight of the day!). It is better if it is a maxi dress because everyone looks the same. Shorter dress might look different on different people due to individual height.

I am looking for something that is similar to this :

So please, anyone out there who come across any good website selling bridesmaid dresses or maxi dresses in light purple, please please please drop me an email! I need 3!!!

Blogshop owners are welcome to email me. 

The wedding is a beautiful beach wedding and my friend and her fiance is flying all the way from Australia back to Malaysia for the wedding! 



The Zuckerberg Wedding Dress

By now, I'm sure everyone knows that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg got married to Priscilla Chan.

Congratulations to the newly weds! Finally tie the knot after going out for about 8 years.

Anyone curious to know about the wedding dress? 

With the fortune that Mr Zuckerberg has, Vera Wang should be nothing. But Mrs Zuckerberg opted for a LA base designer, Claire Pettibone. Check out her website here --> Claire Pettibone Wedding Designer

Priscilla Chan in a USD4,700 Claire Pettibone design

Claire Pettibone - Front view

Claire Pettibone - Back view
Love it?

I personally love the sexy lace back and how simple and yet classy it is.

That is the way the Zuckerbergs roll I guess, simple.