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Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses

This might be slightly out of topic but I am desperate.

My best friend is getting married end of this year and I am looking for bridesmaid dresses. It has to be light purple or lavender-ish colour.

It is so damn difficult to find a nice one. I am looking for 3 bridesmaids dresses, all in the same colour and same design (well, the BRIDE is the spotlight of the day!). It is better if it is a maxi dress because everyone looks the same. Shorter dress might look different on different people due to individual height.

I am looking for something that is similar to this :

So please, anyone out there who come across any good website selling bridesmaid dresses or maxi dresses in light purple, please please please drop me an email! I need 3!!!

Blogshop owners are welcome to email me. 

The wedding is a beautiful beach wedding and my friend and her fiance is flying all the way from Australia back to Malaysia for the wedding! 



Redwin Sorbolene Lotion

I LOVE SKINCARE PRODUCTS! Especially lotion and body butter.

They are a necessity to me. I can't live without them. I can't even walk out of the house without applying it. Its like a layer of protection I need to have if not I feel NAKED.
So my friend who is residing in Melbourne gave me this lotion and told me that it is good. Its from Redwin. She told me that her lips were parched when she first got to Aussie and the doctor recommended this cream called SORBOLENE. 

Little did she know that it is actually lotion and not some special cream in a small tube. So you can roughly know how non-chemical the lotion is because it is safe to apply on the lips!

Here is how the lotion looks like - Sorbolene from Redwin!

Front view
Back view - can even be used as shaving cream and makeup removew =O

I applied it the same day I received the lotion. and I LOVE IT. The texture is not oily yet when you applied on your skin, you can instantly feel how moisture it is. It just absorbs into your skin. Your skin wont feel oily or sticky after the application. It just feels normal but PROTECTED and MOISTURIZED!

So here is abit of the lotion on my thigh.

Applied it in circular motion because it will absorb easily into the skin. Haha, I editted this picture and it looks damn bright.

Here is the original picture. #nofilter #noedit The lotion is very watery and easy to apply.

TADAAAAAA. Skin is smooth and soft and protected!! I like saying protected because that is how I feel about lotion. Its a layer of protection!

I went online and did some read up about this lotion and OMG the price is not even expensive! You know the most common lotion we can find in guardian and watsons costs about RM18-RM30. For eg this Johnson & Johnson lotion :-

This lotion costs about RM18-RM20 for a 400ml bottle. Guess how much Redwin's Sorbolene costs?

FREAGGIN AUD 4.99! Its RM15.00 for 1 LITRE bottle!!!!!!! SO CHEAP!!!!!!

I am going to buy 5 of this when I go to Australia this year. *remind self to upsize luggage*

For those who have friends in Australia, try to bribe your friend in smuggling one back. LOL smuggling in a joking way ok, it is not illegal to smuggle lotion. HAHA. Y so serious?

Check out other products from Redwin as well! My friend bought their hand cream in Singapore and its heavenly therapy to the hands!

oooh my favourite~~~~