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Malaysian Girls Generation

So I bet everyone in Malaysia knows that Blogger Audrey Ooi (fourfeetnine) just got married!

I saw this picture posted on xia xue's facebook and OMG so cute! 

Hahaha, I am not exactly a pink or girly person but the colours and style for the bridesmaid dresses is just so out of the box! 

Hats off to Audrey! Her wedding theme is UP and everything is created inspired by UP!

Balloons, colours. so much joy, so much happiness. Just the right mode for a wedding!

Right after I saw the bridesmaid photo, I see this. Haha, kinda similar to the bridesmaid photo yea? Like Girls Generation, just more colourful! 


Why do I read Xiaxue?

When I retweeted some Xiaxue's tweets lately, someone actually asked me why am I reading her tweets and blog saying that Xiaxue is so full of herself, plastic, rude, Singaporean bla bla bla

I guess I wanted to post this to let it off my chest because because I get damn fed up with the faces I have to deal with when I said:

‘oh, I read this from xiaxue’s blog and she is xxxxx’
‘yea, I read it from xiaxue’s blog and the product is xxxxx.

I am not trying to justify anything on her behalf. So considered this post to be a review on a blogger!

Before I start, I would like to make a small disclaimer to let everyone know that I was not paid to blog about this. I did not gain any benefit from this (well except maybe my own entertainment LOL). Anything said here is all of my own personal opinion and there is no intention to cause anyone any malice harm whatsoever.

For those who doesn't know who I am talking about, check out her blog at Xiaxue

She is a big name in the blogosphere. Secured some of the most notorious blog awards LOL.
Check out her own introduction! So funny. 'because I am an awesome blogger!' Didn't even mention what she blogs about or say things like diva, entrepreneur, fashion lover and the usual lame words. LOL

If some of you dumbo out there that think that I am on her side because she is a blogger and maybe my friend, well let me set the record straight.

She doesn’t know who the fuck I am and I don’t think there is a need for her to get someone random person like me to sell how good she is and all. Hello, Xiaxue has 92k plus likes on facebook and I don’t even have 10 yet. So keep all those crap to yourself.

Come on la people, I have a right to choose who I want to read and what I want to believe and what I want to express okay.

For starters, I was not even a reader of her blog until 8 months ago. My friend introduced me to her blog back in 2008 mainly because we were talking about plastic surgery and she told me that there were these 2 bloggers in Singapore who are in a catfight.

So the kepoh female nature in me asked for the names and they were Xiaxue and Dawn Yang
I went to both their blogs and just went'meh okay la’.

First of all, that is because I am not a huge blog reader. So I never care much about who this blogger is and who that blogger is but well I guess when you started working and you needed to fill in those boring/sleepy office time, you will start to browse through online shopping sites and read interesting stuffs.

So 8 months ago, I got dead bored and started reading blogs religiously especially Xiaxue's blog. Every single new post, I will read them. Unlike previously when I would just read when I’m bored. I was so dead bored being jobless that I even read almost all her previous posts. Phew~~

I have grown to like what she wrote and shared in her blog. Its not a distinct category like travel, food, nails etc. The more I read, the more I find myself to be addicted to the point that I get a bit frustrated if she doesn’t blog for a long time! Hahahaha!

Here it goes:-

I like that she is who she is.

Despite all the haters out there attacking her from head to toes (yes toes!), she can still go on and be who she is. She may have layers of makeup but what you see is what you get. 

She is open about her own personal life.

No hanky panky luxurious trip paid by rich old guy, selling sex appeal to live the high life. Hey, not everyone can do that. Its almost like exposing yourself to the whole world. And everyone judges! So I can't even imagine how many hate mails/tweets/comments she gets per day if I am already getting it every now and then.

People said she is lucky that she get to marry a guai lou/ang mo. 

Taken from Xiaxue's FB page
 Well those people should really know what shit they have been through to get where they are now. Not everything is a fairy tale for bloggers la okay. You only see the good side because not everyone blog about the downside. Wanna break your own rice bowl ah?

I really like the fact that the things that she shared are all about her life

Some people choose to read travelogs because they get to learn more about places and see nice pictures but how many of us really can afford travelling around the world?

Xiaxue shared from her dating days to her married days. Friends who have stood by her side and family members who have given her support throughout the difficult times. 

I guess its more down to earth for me. A lot of aspects that she blogged is more practical. She may get sponsored to stay at nice villas and all but hey, she earned it. 

Xiaxue was also the one that got me to read my own local bloggers; cheeserland and fourfeetnine. I mean I know about them but I was never a reader. It was when Xiaxue did not blog for sometime that I wander to their blog cause I needed to read something la basically. HAHAHA

Lately, I was insanely impressed with her blogpost on 'The Faces of Haters'. It takes a lot of courage to do that. For a tiny person like her, she really does have a big voice. She stood up for herself and her friends. 

And being someone who blogs, that blogpost took a lot of homework and effort. Printscreen, cropping, arranging the pictures, captions OMG I WILL DIE.
Taken from Xiaxue's blog
Most importantly I think she stood up for a lot of people out there who were being cyberbullied. If you did not do anything wrong, stand up for yourself! People go overboard with their words now because they think that they are safe in the virtual world. They can say whatever they want and there would be no consequences. Well take that! They should feel shameful for commenting such words online where everyone gets to read.

I can go on all day but I just rescroll and realized that this post is effing long so I am gonna stop here.

For those who hasnt read her blog, please do so. Give it some time and you will slowly love it. For those who once has a misconception of her blog, reconsider. And as for those who doesn't like to read her blog, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU READING THIS POST TO THE END?