Cocktails & Martinis

Cocktails & Martinis has facebook page and blog. However the main site running is the blogshop (Cocktails & Martinis Blog). Facebook page is more of updates.

Some information about them which can be seen on their facebook page (Cocktails & Martinis Facebook Page)

Contact : email
Updates : every Sunday (9.30pm) and mini update on Thursday (9.30pm)
Bank : Maybank, Public Bank and CIMB
Delivery : FREE POSLAJU delivery nationwide 
Wide range of clothes. You can get casual, working, girlish and cocktail dresses.
Cocktails & Martinis RM65.00
Cocktails & Martinis RM75.00
No mannequin pictures. All dresses are modeled by models. Model is quite standard size, not too slim. Prices generally range from RM60-RM75. Given that they are giving away free poslaju delivery,  I think the prices are fair.

However,pay attention to some of the clothes though as you can see it at other blogshops. Aside from wanting to get the best deal, you have to always remember that it is not a good sign if a lot of other blogshops are selling the same design. This will only mean that there will be more people out there wearing the same dress as you. Well, unless you really fancy that design, then go ahead.

For example, the latest upload at Cocktails & Martinis, this dress is also spotted at Curves Boutique (10th May), IIvory Couture (18th May) and lately Doublewoot (27th May) and who knows which other sites might be selling it later on. 
Curves Boutique - RM85.00 (normal) RM70.00 (online price)
IIvory Couture RM70.00
Doublewoot RM70.00
Doublewoot RM70.00
Cocktails & Martinis RM 75.00
Cocktails & Martinis RM 75.00
Cocktails & Martinis RM 75.00
Cocktails & Martinis hasnt been checking on their competitors? Latest to sell but selling it at the highest price!

And ladies, look at the design of the dress! Pretty YES Special YES but how embarrassing it will be if you saw someone wearing the same dress as well? If it is a plain black dress, you can still get away with it cause its too simple! Glam up with some necklace and belt and you will be safe BUT THIS? Even a kid can see that its the same.

Anyone own this dress and feeling bad now? Sorry mate!


  1. Thanks for your review! Bought this dress from Doublewoot, didn't know so many blogshop are selling also. :(

  2. Hi Dear, sorry to know that. Don't worry dear, browse more other sites or you are always welcomed to check with us!

  3. I guess it's not fair to comment as such in a way? If this is the case, then might as well ban MNG, Esprit, Guess, Giordano, Vincci and so on. What's the dresses in these 4 online boutiques as compared to the other brands mentioned? If you prefer to be very very exclusive, then you may need to go for high fashion designer brands rather than shopping online. If I like the design/dress from these boutiques, I will still buy them :)