Fashion Feed - Katy Perry 4th July Eyelash Look

Katy Perry is famous for her cotton candy look, her porcelain skin, big eyes and curvy figure. Her hair has been through extreme colour transformation as well from blue to purple.

So in line with the 4th of July celebrations and her own Part of Me 3D film, she had her eyelashes glam up for her movie premier at Leicester Square, London!!

She was spotted in a very beautiful gown with a mermaid tail cutting. Check out her heels as well. Great match for the gown. Her hair was pulled back neatly leaving her strong features to stand out especially the red lips!

Katy Perry - pictures credit to Getty Images
One would have never expected her eyelashes to be any different. Judging from the above pic, it just looks like the normal eyelashes. 

Gosh but when she was caught on camera leaning down for a kiss from her young fan, absolutely stunning!

Katy Perry-pictures credit Splash

The red blue white colours of her eyelashes! So Pretty!

Katy Perry has come a long way especially from her divorce with comedian Russell Brand. Her music itself has evolved from pop music like I Kissed a Girl to powerful vocals in E.T and Fireworks.

She works hard and never fail to deliver stunning music videos.

It was really funny to see how down to earth she is when Miss Perry herself got excited about her eyelashes. She posted a picture of it on her twitter!
Katy Perry's twitter

I wonder if Malaysia is showing her new film - Part of Me! Would be really entertaining to watch her on and off screen! 

Snippets of her in person, talking, joking just like the rest of us. Some shots of her in less make-up. hehehehe

Okay, one last pic of her eyelashes! LOVING IT SO MUCH! =D =D

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