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Trendy Confessions - The Plus Size Store

Today's review is about Trendy Confessions. They are a online shop selling plus size clothes. Dresses, blouses, pants and skirts. 

Trendy Confessions are run by 2 sisters back in 2008 aiming to give plus size women out there trendy looks. They have a facebook page (Trendy Confessions FB page) but the main site running is their website here --> Trendy Confessions

Trendy Confessions Facebook page

And from their cover pic, you can see that they are going to have plus size corsets soon! This is surely exciting especially for the plus size women out there. It is so difficult to get plus size corsets! Can't wait to see the launch!

Here are some 'about them' details taken from their facebook page. Their clothes are featured in Blurry Boutique in Bangsar for those who wants to have a look.

Some details about Trendy Confessions found on their facebook page

They take order via email. You can also leave comment on their facebook pictures and they will respond. They provided their handphone number as well in case you needed to contact them. Some buyers can be very 'gan cheong' when it comes to their purchase.

Trendy Confessions contact details

I like the styles they have. It is not those lame moody dull outfits. They have plenty of colours, prints and stripes. It really do justice for the plus size women out there, proving that everyone can have fun in fashion and be bold!

Here are some of the captures of their website. I myself prefer to view it via facebook because the pictures are bigger. It is more convenient as well. Or maybe I have become so lazy to click on another tab. HAHAHA.

Trendy Confessions website
Bird's eye view of the collections
Individual view of the dress
Prices are of course slightly more expensive. I think it is priced fairly considering the prices out there for plus size clothes can be quite expensive.

Besides that, i like that they modelled the clothes as well. 

It is good to know that there are blogshops out there to cater other women and not just the stick thin anorexic models wannabe. 

If you happen to be a plus size, do try them out!


Zavia Valora

This is an overdue post. I know I promised to blog about Zavia Valora but it has been delayed! So here it is now.

They are really new in the scene, not even 100 likes on their facebook page. Well, I am a bit tired of the major big ones so I decided to try the 'underdogs' now. HAHA

Zavia Valora runs via their facebook page here --> Zavia Valora

I just recently got to know them through one of my readers. I liked their facebook page, received a RM5 voucher

I browsed through their pictures and saw some dresses that I really liked. I decided to tryout, used my voucher and picked 2 dresses.

Paid via Maybank2u. FREE POS LAJU DELIVERY. Received my parcel and was happy!

Here are the 2 dresses that i bought from Zavia Valora (such a long name, so tiring to type)
Dresses from Zavia Valora
Loving this mesh top dress because of its design. See the waist part? It has a small lining there so it gives a better illusion for the waist to look small. The lining works like a small belt as well, and if you want to spice up the outfit, you can match a belt!  
Mesh Top Blue Dress from Zavia Valora
Besides that, the two small flip designs on the left and right is like a slight peplum but not totally. That is really good to cover up tummy fats! Well, we need all these small detail designs to help us look better!
Editted using another filter so the blue colour looks more obvious
The other dress is a stripe one. I picked it because I am totally loving the stripes trend right now. Too many people are into polka dots, a bit dangerous.

This cutting is TO DIE FOR!

The zip that runs across the chest gives it a very sexy look. The material is slightly thin but it works well because it is more figure hugging. It looks as though the cutting is quite simple but it is not. When you put it on, it totally gives you a S shape bodyline
Stripes normally makes people look fatter but because of the fabric of this dress, it does not. It actually helps you to look slimmer!!!! And the zip~~oh la la~~~ can just slide it down and look real sexy. Very convenient when you are out on a hot date. *ifyouknowwhatimean*
As I was happily touching my new dresses, I found a Surprise !!!!!

I got a free mask! Well, apparently if you spend RM100 and above, you are entitled to a free mask! Its a My Beauty Diary mask and damn it, it is a new series. I have never seen this in Malaysia or Singapore so I am really happy to receive it for FREE.
My Beauty Diary 2 step Mask. Free from Zavia Valora
I will review the mask soon! Though I don't know why I received a AFRICA HYDRATING PACK. Maybe its because Malaysia is as hot as AFRICA now. 

Check out Zavia Valora. I have to admit that I think their older pictures are not that nice but the latest updates are so pretty! You get both views, mannequin view and real person view. Loving the soothing green wall as background as well ;)

ASOS Cut Out Dress - Doublewoot, Attire Attic and IIvory Couture!

Thanks for the feedback. I know this will annoy most blogshops but readers love it and competition is important for consumers to get the best deals out there!

Here is one lovely dress sold on 3 online sites and all selling at different prices:-

IIvory Couture - RM60.00

Doublewoot - RM67.00

Attire Attic RM64.00

Attire Attic - RM64.00
As usual Doublewoot wins by selling it at the most expensive price, do note however that they give free poslaju delivery on purchase for RM100 and above. That means you need to buy another dress from them!

Cheapest is IIvory Couture! No free delivery though! So if you take poslaju, you will need to top up extra RM6 or RM7 making the dress total cost to be RM67.00. Same price as Doublewoot selling price but you do not feel obliged to buy another dress to get free delivery *winks*

Attire Attic doesn't give free delivery as well unless you are purchasing 5 pieces and above (which is not quite possible unless you love a lot of their dresses)

You can easily search Doublewoot on facebook or their website.

IIvory Couture runs solely via Facebook.

Attire Attic is still very old school! BLOGSPOT! GO BLOGSPOT!

Pick the best deals buyers!



Changed the layout! Hope you people like it!

Today's review is about Whitesoot! 

You can check out their blogshop at --> Whitesoot, their facebook page ---> whitesoot or follow them on twitter @whitesoot
Love their dresses! very elegant and classy. The way they style the model makes the garment even more attractive!

Whitesoot facebook page
They run mainly via their blogshop. All orders need to fill up the order form and payment is made to their Maybank or CIMB account. You will be required to capture a screenshot of your payment and email it to them to prove payment.
Their blogshop is very user friendly. Click on the tabs on the right and you can see all kinds of heading to answer your questions.

For example, I clicked on delivery charges and you will see the table of the charges depending on how many items are you purchasing. They highly recommend Poslaju because its fast and safe. I myself love poslaju delivery as well! NEXT DAY DELIVERY! who doesn't love it? We all want to see what we paid for ASAP right?

Prices are affordable as well. You can get dresses from as low as RM55 to the standard blogshop pricing of RM69. Measurements are provided and if you are lazy to pull out the measuring tape, they provide you with standard sizes for eg UK sizes.

Here are some of the dresses that got me eye glued to the screen!

Lovely vintage colour stripes dress with a simple belt that matches with the colour of the dress. The cutting is good as it cuts in a bit higher than the waist, paired up with the belt, it elongates your leg! Not expensive as well, only at Rm57!

Check out this POLKA DOT DRESS! Loving the design and the colour. So retro!

And this! Colours are always good to spice up your wardrobe. Not forgetting how much attention you can get by having striking colours on you. Easily pair it with a black blazer and you are off looking classy and yet formal for corporate affairs.

Try them out! Browse through their collection. So far I am loving what I see. Just that there is no free delivery =(


Rokka Boutique

Well I bet most of you haven't heard about this boutique.

This is a newly launched boutique. Not your usual big time online shopping sites. 

I love their blog layout. It is very neat. 

The clothes are nicely displayed with the name and its length and the price.

Should really check out their clothes. They sell from nice blouses to dresses as well as accessories. 

They are giving away free delivery now but it was not mention whether the delivery is Poslaju delivery or a Registered post delivery.

They accept Maybank and CIMB payment and they accept return but it will be judged on a case to case basis.

I think their clothes are refreshing. You can see colours, patterns and interesting prints. Definitely worth a try! Should be more adventurous in fashion, cut down on one single plain colour clothing and have more prints and patterns!

You can check them out at the blog at Rokka Boutique
follow them on twitter @ROKKABOUTIQUE
like them on facebook at Rokka Boutique 

Try them out!


Curves Boutique - Shoppers Feedback 1

First of all, I would like to thank this shopper who choose to remain anonymous for giving us her feedback and her shopping experience.

I know that a lot of readers out there might think that I bash other shopping sites and put them down. But hey, if you don't like it, don't read it. There are readers out there that appreciates and wanted to share their shopping experience to caution other shoppers. I believe any online addict shoppers will like to know all information about a particular online site before buying.

This shopper messaged me on facebook telling me about her shopping experience with Curves Boutique. Her name is S for the purpose of this context. All her details are hidden for her own privacy. 
S shopping experience with Curves Boutique
So she bought a dress, paid but did not received it.

Curves Boutique (CB) stated that there is a defect and asked S if she wants to change to another dress.

S is willing to accept the dress even though there is a defect but CB has already returned it to the factory.

Just a few questions running through:
(1) Payment was made on 31st May 2012 but she was only informed about the condition of the dress on 2nd June 2012. 

Even if CB does not check all their stocks (assuming they did not), how would they know there is a defect? If they really do check, then why the 2 days delay in notifying the shopper about the defect?

(2) I believe when it comes to online shopping, its a first come first served basis and S is actually one of the earliest that made payment for the dress but was only informed about the defect 2 days later when she is actually expecting to receive the dress.

(3) It may just be S own theory that CB gave the dress to their own friends but considering S claimed that she has already paid for it and was one of the earliest to pay, it does not take a genius to be suspicious.

Well, let me know what you think and if anyone has ever experienced the same situation.

And just in case anyone thinks I am making this up (like I have nothing better to do), here is my reply to S asking her permission to post this and the following is her reply stating she would like to remain anonymous. We respect her wishes and couldn't thank her more for sharing her shopping experience.
My reply to S

S prefers to stay anonymous
Cheers to the shopper for speaking up!


J’R La bellee

Just a simple review on J’R La bellee.

J’R La bellee is owned by a girl who love something colourful, chicky, sweetness and everything beautiful. [Quoted from their facebook page] 
Their main site is actually the blogshop but they do update their latest collection on facebook as well.

You may want to favourite their site if you like the clothes as I find it difficult to remember their name. If I cant spell it right, google cant get it for me.

Basic information on postage charges
Free postage will be given for purchase of 5 items and above. It was not stated whether it’s a poslaju delivery or a registered mail.

They also give wholesale price for purchase of 10 items and above. So group up with your friends!

Order can be made via their blogshop or PM via fb page.

Their style of clothes are more to casual and bohemian style.

J'R La bellee RM45.00
J'R La bellee RM39.00
J'R La bellee RM40.00

One thing good, PRICE IS CHEAP. Nothing ever goes above RM50.

I believe the model for the site is the owner as well. You can see that from the page owner details on their facebook page.

Since their prices are generally cheap, it is reasonable to bear the postage fee. Only thing you will want to consider is the quality of their dresses.

Anyone a customer of (thinks of how to spell) J’R La bellee? Love to hear from you! 

Just in case you can't find them, here is the link to their blog and facebook page:-

J'R La bellee Blog

J'R La bellee Facebook Page


Attire Attic

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed the previous review on Curves Boutique. This post today is rather special because I bought dresses from them and I can thus review on their customer service.

The blogshop under review is called Attire Attic

They are the one of the few traditional blogshops left on virtual supermarket. Most online shops have move on to Facebook page or the better ones with $$$ has their own fancy website.

Attire Attic started in 2008 and has been active for almost 3 years. Their main market is working ladies, selling mostly work attire. Their dresses are very feminine as well, with cuts and designs that flaunt a woman's curves at just the right places.

Here are some basic facts about them:

Location : Not stated but they are from KL (I have my poslaju receipt as proof)
Updates : Once a week on every Saturday. Sometimes they do update on a weekday as well.
Contact : No SMS, strictly only on email basis.
Postage : Registered mail or poslaju (see below)

 Five pieces and above will be entitled for free postage, but it is registered mail and not poslaju. Note that registered mail takes longer to arrive. 

The pricing for their dresses are reasonable. Mostly under RM70 (which is good) and the quality of the dresses are good as well.

The good thing with Attire Attic is, for dresses that they sell which are the same to other blogshops, they are always selling it at a lower price. It is either the same or lower, hardly ever to be more expensive than the other blogshops. Their stock on colours are limited though. For example the dress below, Attire Attic doesn't have it in yellow. Maybe they choose not to sell that colour as it is not a common colour that consumers will buy.

Miss Moore Crotchet Dress (Red) - RM69

The above same dress was also sold in another online store called Doublewoot and both are selling at the same price RM69. 
Doublewoot's Lacrose in Yellow - RM69

And bla bla bla the good points about them, so whats the catch? Well, everyone has a flaw and so does online store. 

Attire Attic is slow in replying emails. They do not attend sms, though i don't see the need of them saying that since they did not provide any contact number unless you have it on your poslaju slip. bwahahahaha. I bought from them before so I am speaking of experience, their communication with the consumer is not that efficient. 

One of my dresses are actually not in stock so there is a bit of a delay, they did not email me and notify that. I was scared that I got cheated and I email them to follow up. They replied telling me about the delay and apologize for it (but no voucher given hahaha). Also, one of the dresses that I ordered and paid, is no longer available in the colour I want =( and they only tell me about it when I asked about my dresses in the email.

On the efficiency of delivery, it takes about a week to process your order. HAHA why do I say that? Thats because they collect stock on every Saturday. So if you place your order and make payment on a Monday/Tuesday, you will have to wait till the following Monday or Tuesday to receive your dress, provided there is no hiccups in between like no stock or no colour.

Before I end this post, one more important point I would like to make. The model for Attire Attic has  A GOOD BODY

Check out the curvessssssss. S figure ok!
This is good for consumers because most blogshops have thin skinny models so it will be a bit difficult for general consumers to weigh the size of the dress. Go on to the site to check out more curvaceous photossssss.

Alrighty folks, hope this review helps and till then~~ciao bella~~~