Doublewoot - Shoppers Feedback 2

Quick update on a shoppers feedback.

This shopper who prefers to remain anonymous has messaged us sharing a few of her shopping experience with a few online sites.

You can read about her first experience buying from Curves Boutique here ---> Curves Boutique - Shoppers Feedback 1.

To be honest, I considered myself lucky to not have encountered anything like this from Doublewoot. They are normally really efficient in delivery and I am always happy to receive the dresses on time.

However Doublewoot always have a problem with their stock availability. I have tried paying on time and they confirmed it but then email me telling me there has been an error and the colour I want is no longer available and suggest me to take up another colour, which I was not very happy about it.

When I said I refused to accept the other colour, they promised to transfer the money paid back to me but it was delayed. I have to send in reminders to ask for my own money =(

But with their new website now, its been improved. At least when there is no more stock, it will be informed. 

However it will be good if they can update their website more often by either updating the status of the dress to OUT OF STOCK or just delete it from the website. I find it disappointing when I clicked into the dress thinking that it is still available but turned out to be not.

Anyone has an experience to share buying from Doublewoot?

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