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Doublewoot - Shoppers Feedback 2

Quick update on a shoppers feedback.

This shopper who prefers to remain anonymous has messaged us sharing a few of her shopping experience with a few online sites.

You can read about her first experience buying from Curves Boutique here ---> Curves Boutique - Shoppers Feedback 1.

To be honest, I considered myself lucky to not have encountered anything like this from Doublewoot. They are normally really efficient in delivery and I am always happy to receive the dresses on time.

However Doublewoot always have a problem with their stock availability. I have tried paying on time and they confirmed it but then email me telling me there has been an error and the colour I want is no longer available and suggest me to take up another colour, which I was not very happy about it.

When I said I refused to accept the other colour, they promised to transfer the money paid back to me but it was delayed. I have to send in reminders to ask for my own money =(

But with their new website now, its been improved. At least when there is no more stock, it will be informed. 

However it will be good if they can update their website more often by either updating the status of the dress to OUT OF STOCK or just delete it from the website. I find it disappointing when I clicked into the dress thinking that it is still available but turned out to be not.

Anyone has an experience to share buying from Doublewoot?


Trash Talk

I posted something on 4 shopping sites selling the same dress and  received massive feedback. Some thanking me cause they do not know about it and well of course, some not so positive responses.

Since this Anonymous chose to comment publicly, I decided to state my opinion out as well.

Read these comments found under the post One Dress 4 Sites. Smarty pants decided that shoppers shall go for high fashion designer brands if you want exclusive garments.  
Well hello Smarty Pants. I am thinking you are either one very very fair person or happen to be one of the friends or maybe the owner of one of the online sites that were being reviewed.

First of all, YOU GUESS ITS NOT FAIR? So even you think that there is a possibility that it is fair? If you guess its not fair, the other guess is that it is fair, am I right?

Second, BAN? Who am I to ban other brands? And have I ever mentioned the word BAN for those online shopping sites?

Third, I dont even know if you thought about it before commenting. VINCCI? Seriously? Do they even sell dress? Your example does not stand at all. If you are so smart, find one design from MNG Esprit Guess and Giordano that is the same. I will then go ahead and BAN them since you think I can do it.

Fourth, "difference of those boutiques and the brands mentioned?" OMGEE really? I need to explain that to you? Those brands are first of all BRAND. Boutique is a SHOP. 

Fifth, everyone wants their penny spent to be worth, be it a cheap deal or a designer brand. Well of course if one can afford to go for designer brand, I do not think they will really care much of what others are talking reviewing or selling. So for shoppers who buy online, they still want a good deal. Unless you are speaking as a seller, then it is different. 

Sixth, if you can say that you like the dress and will still buy them despite other sites are selling it, what is the point of your comment? Isn't it a bit conflicting?

Seventh, oh good, so you attend a lot of events. Please be a doll and update us if you see any dress from an online shopping site in any events you attended, that case, I am sure the readers will be more than happy to know.

Here is my humble reply to the comments.

Received the same identical comments on 2 different posts. This was found on the Cocktails & Martinis post. What a good job you did as well Smarty Pants anonymous, copy and paste your own comments.

(ps : check on the time) 

And hey, just in case you missed out, I did state that if one is really interested with a particular design, they are always entitled to buy what they want. Afterall, its their cash, not mine.

Next time if you want to comment negative things suggesting me to ban brands, either because you want'to be fair' or 'to stand up for your favourite online sites', don't hide behind the shield of anonymous. 

Curves Boutique - Shoppers Feedback 1

First of all, I would like to thank this shopper who choose to remain anonymous for giving us her feedback and her shopping experience.

I know that a lot of readers out there might think that I bash other shopping sites and put them down. But hey, if you don't like it, don't read it. There are readers out there that appreciates and wanted to share their shopping experience to caution other shoppers. I believe any online addict shoppers will like to know all information about a particular online site before buying.

This shopper messaged me on facebook telling me about her shopping experience with Curves Boutique. Her name is S for the purpose of this context. All her details are hidden for her own privacy. 
S shopping experience with Curves Boutique
So she bought a dress, paid but did not received it.

Curves Boutique (CB) stated that there is a defect and asked S if she wants to change to another dress.

S is willing to accept the dress even though there is a defect but CB has already returned it to the factory.

Just a few questions running through:
(1) Payment was made on 31st May 2012 but she was only informed about the condition of the dress on 2nd June 2012. 

Even if CB does not check all their stocks (assuming they did not), how would they know there is a defect? If they really do check, then why the 2 days delay in notifying the shopper about the defect?

(2) I believe when it comes to online shopping, its a first come first served basis and S is actually one of the earliest that made payment for the dress but was only informed about the defect 2 days later when she is actually expecting to receive the dress.

(3) It may just be S own theory that CB gave the dress to their own friends but considering S claimed that she has already paid for it and was one of the earliest to pay, it does not take a genius to be suspicious.

Well, let me know what you think and if anyone has ever experienced the same situation.

And just in case anyone thinks I am making this up (like I have nothing better to do), here is my reply to S asking her permission to post this and the following is her reply stating she would like to remain anonymous. We respect her wishes and couldn't thank her more for sharing her shopping experience.
My reply to S

S prefers to stay anonymous
Cheers to the shopper for speaking up!