Who Am I?

Is there anyone out there that is curious of how I look like?

Ever wonder if I am some fugly ogre or gigantic slump of mess like Ugly Betty?

Hehe, I have actually received some mails asking how I look like. LOL. Well for starters, I am not a celebrity or camwhore pic type of person so there will not be a lot of pictures of me. 

But I guess I can understand where the question stems from, most bloggers now attract a lot of readers by posting camwhore pictures or outfit pictures or close up make up face. Which is totally fine because who doesn't like to see pretty girls, nice outfits and nice make up?

Well, some of my close friends obviously know who am I and how do I look like. I am not being secretive, it is just that I am not that type to share a lot about personal life. Think of me like some sort of secret agent that reports within.

And hey, to be fair, I might get different customer feedback if blogshops know who I am. They will be more attentive and provide extra good customer service so there won't be any bad reviews. And that is a tad unfair for the public, they will be misguided

I want to be treated equal as other consumers. Then again, I always use different identity for online shopping as well. HAHAHAHAAHHA. Thanks for those that allowed me to use your address *loves*

Having said that, I am sharing with you a picture of me so you all know I am real, I am a human and I am a female LOL. Not robot or alien okay *does a michael fassbender robot smile*

In time, I shall slowly reveal myself when I am more comfortable. But for now, hope this is sufficient to feed your curiosity (lucky you are not a cat eh). 


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