Trendy Confessions - The Plus Size Store

Today's review is about Trendy Confessions. They are a online shop selling plus size clothes. Dresses, blouses, pants and skirts. 

Trendy Confessions are run by 2 sisters back in 2008 aiming to give plus size women out there trendy looks. They have a facebook page (Trendy Confessions FB page) but the main site running is their website here --> Trendy Confessions

Trendy Confessions Facebook page

And from their cover pic, you can see that they are going to have plus size corsets soon! This is surely exciting especially for the plus size women out there. It is so difficult to get plus size corsets! Can't wait to see the launch!

Here are some 'about them' details taken from their facebook page. Their clothes are featured in Blurry Boutique in Bangsar for those who wants to have a look.

Some details about Trendy Confessions found on their facebook page

They take order via email. You can also leave comment on their facebook pictures and they will respond. They provided their handphone number as well in case you needed to contact them. Some buyers can be very 'gan cheong' when it comes to their purchase.

Trendy Confessions contact details

I like the styles they have. It is not those lame moody dull outfits. They have plenty of colours, prints and stripes. It really do justice for the plus size women out there, proving that everyone can have fun in fashion and be bold!

Here are some of the captures of their website. I myself prefer to view it via facebook because the pictures are bigger. It is more convenient as well. Or maybe I have become so lazy to click on another tab. HAHAHA.

Trendy Confessions website
Bird's eye view of the collections
Individual view of the dress
Prices are of course slightly more expensive. I think it is priced fairly considering the prices out there for plus size clothes can be quite expensive.

Besides that, i like that they modelled the clothes as well. 

It is good to know that there are blogshops out there to cater other women and not just the stick thin anorexic models wannabe. 

If you happen to be a plus size, do try them out!

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