Friendly Fashion - Your One Stop Solution

If you are a big time online shopper like me, you would love this!

You know how there is risk when you shop online? You never know the true quality of the fabric, the length, the size, the colour and all. When you receive your parcel and saw the real deal, you don't like it. There is pretty much nothing you can do about it. So you just hide it in your closet in some godforsaken small area and never see it again.

Well why waste the space? If it doesn't suits you, it doesn't mean it is useless right?

Here is your ultimate solution to this problem --> Friendly Fashion.

Friendly Fashion is a one stop platform for people to sell, swap or giveaway what they don't use or not suitable anymore. I call it the SSG solution! Why waste space and have it in your closet to collect dust when you can earn some extra cash or be an angel and give it for free or better still, swap for something that you like! 

Besides the SSG solution, you get to meet people who are crazy online shoppers like you, share your experience about online shopping, fashion tips etc. Friendly Fashion also has a blog where they mix and match cool styles for your reference, introduce cool fashion stylista local bloggers. Isnt that everything under the sun?

Friendly Fashion runs via their website. You need to register and be a member to start the SSG. You can also like them on facebook for fashion style updates.

Friendly Fashion Facebook Page
Friendly Fashion is not only for girls! They have Male section as well. Fair to everybody right? No sexist or discrimation talk yoz~~

Friendly Fashion is also recently been awarded to be the online shop of the year by Digi WOWWOW Awards. You can tell how WOWsome it is! =D

Their website is also very user friendly. You post the picture of the garment you are selling or swapping or giving away on the website. Anyone who is interested in it will click on the I WANT button. From thereon, you just communicate with the interested parties on the T&C, mailing and postage charges. 

You can see from the screen capture below that the right side of the site shows you the information about the owner.

So you might ask, what if there are dishonest people? Well, for the crooks out there, Y U SO JAHAT? We can't avoid people from doing bad things, but we can always hope that we meet good people. Before you enter into any SSG with a person, you can always check on the member profile. There are like fb likes for feedback. So the more thumbs up you see, the more trustworthy the member is and you will feel safe to deal with the person.

Alternatively, you can browse through the member list and see who has a lot of LIKES. You can then click into their profile and check out what they have for SSG.

In case you get lost, don't fret. There is a FAQ tab on Friendly Fashion website. If you are a bit skeptical with the idea of SSG, take your time and read through the FAQ. It is very comprehensive and covers almost all the doubts you have! 

You can really get cheap deals there and it does not only have dresses but shoes as well! OMG! I promise you that the moment you see the price, your heart will skip a beat! Cheap deals and who doesn't like cheap deals? HAHAHAHA

See the picture above? The dress at the bottom left priced at RM50.00? That dress is a sold out piece on Doublewoot and Attire Attic with a selling price of RM69.00. For those who missed out on that dress, you can get it now at only RM50.00! Cool or not?

And this La Senza lingerie. OMG SO CHEAP! RM55.00 SAHAJA?

The best thing about Friendly Fashion is that you don't have to be dealing with SSG to visit the website. You can go to their blog and browse their fashion tips. I am personally really loving that section. Even match up with nail polish as well. So attentive *loves*

So what are you waiting for? Register as a member and start the SSG going on. I can't wait to go through my wardrobe and start taking pictures for the SSG! 

Have to thank the 2 sisters Nadzirah and Diyana that started the website to clear off their closet and end up turning the website into a cool community for girls to share and SSG!

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