Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

I am so so sorry for MIA-ing the last few days. Things have been crazy and there are a lot of stuffs going on.

Anyway, I wanted to share this MAGICAL product to all of you. I read about this from a fashion beauty lifestyle blogger called Suzi. You can like her facebook page at StyleSuzi.

She shared this video about a nail polish remover from Bourjois. For those who are not familiar with the brand, it is a UK brand. I love their nail polish especially the french manicure. They have a special brush for you to create perfect french manicure without any fuss (maybe I will blog about it in future).

Well, being a nail polish addict myself, I always find removing them to be the shittiest part. Especially when some of them are peeling off or fading, gosh aklhfebjblfsLBLFSD LOOK SO UGLY. From beautiful fingers, you will have old, dull and fugly fingers.

And the removing part is always the most troublesome because you need to spend time on it. Dabbing the cotton, rubbing it on your nail ONE BY ONE and after that, you can feel the skin of your fingertips being very dry. Annoying right?

Well, don't be because I may have just found the best solution for everyone!


Photo taken from StyleSuzi.com
Dont underestimate this small little bottle. It does miracle. Suzi made a video on how to use it and you can see how effective it is. 

For those who are lazy to load the video, let me explain to you how it works.

Open the lid, dip your finger into the bottle, move the bottle in circular motion for about 2-3 seconds, pull your finger out and TADAAAAAH, your nail is clean! No more nail polish!

Abit hard to believe right? WATCH THE VIDEO AND YOU WILL KNOW!

Even more amazing is that this magic bottle only costs GBP4.99! That is like RM25.00 only! So convenient and fuss free. Save cotton as well. Your fingers wont be destroyed by the chemical from nail polish remover.

I am getting this next month no matter what! For anyone who is interested, please email me! Magical nail polish remover, can probably cheat kids with it. MAGIC AHHHHH! hahahaahahahahaa.

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