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Pretty Malaysian Bloggers

Here are some of the pretty bloggers in Malaysia that you need to know. Its also considered general knowledge! You can't deny the power of blogging now and these pretty Malaysian bloggers here have blogged for more than 3 years, some even more than that. They are like the household names in the Malaysian blogosphere. 

People in other countries read their blogs and know about their existence. If you are not too keen to memorize the names of all our prime ministers, never mind. But as a dutiful Malaysian, at least get to know these bloggers!

Being a female myself, I prefer reading female bloggers because I get to see fashion, nice clothes, make up, skincare, girls stuff basically. I am not much of a food blog stalker because it gets a bit boring and I get angry looking at the food but not getting to eat them. HAHAHAHA. And who doesn't like to see pretty girls? I now introduce you to the Pretty Malaysian Bloggers in the eyes of Comparative Eye!

Cheesie - Cheeserland
She is Miss Everything! Speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Bahasa Melayu and JAPANESE. Most probably she knows some other dialect like Hokkien and Hakka as well. She loves Japanese Fashion and Japan is considered her second home. She probably goes to Japan more than Johorians go to Singapore. Yes, that is how frequent it is.

She was even invited by a known fashion brand EMODA for the fashion events! Feel proud having her representing Malaysia =D =D

Cheesie has long slender slim legs, really nice hair, good fashion sense and really down to earth! She still replies to comments on her blog. How many bloggers out there still do that? Hehe. Here are some of the pictures I screencapped from her blog. 

If you love reading blogs, read hers. Although she always said its a crap blog, it is not. She talks about fashion and travelling a lot. She is a very private person, being engaged now she has not even share a picture of her future husband!

Audrey Ooi - fourfeetnine
I call her the Ayumi Hamasaki of Malaysia. Good pals with Cheesie, they are both known for their love for japanese fashion. She speaks Japanese as well. Both of them were on some 8tv show before and proved to the world how close they are, answering correctly all questions about each other.

She is also known to be the female lead in the infamous meme proposal that even got Christina Perri's attention. Go google meme proposal and you should be able to watch the proposal video. So cute and funny!!

Here are some pictures of her taken from her blog. Check out the hair colour and the eyebrow. Screams Hamasaki Ayumi. Oh and I love Ayumi Hamasaki a lot! I used to remember the lyrics to all her songs but then kpop invaded and I kinda switch channel. Ai, so sorry Ayumi, I am such a bad fan! But I still love her as an artist! She is class!

So back to fourfeetnine, I love her blogging style. She always make me laugh. I dont know why as well. LOL. People always make fun of her height and I get it cause I am not that tall >"<. 

Jane Chuck - chuckei
Most probably the youngest among the bloggers that I read. She is well known for her beauty. Have a look at her pictures and you will know why. She has the kacukan (mix blood) look.

Like Girls Generation kinda pretty. Fair, nice long hair, captivating eyes and of course good body. At times, she looks like a Korean or Taiwanese. As she is still studying, you can expect a lot of partying pictures. I like her blog mainly because I like stalking her pretty pictures. Eye candy is always good to waste my time off.

Nicole - nicolekiss
Famous Malaysian travel blogger mainly because she backpack or homestay travel most of the time. She has readers from all over the world that when she contacts them, she gets to stay with them and have her own local guide. Not the glamour travel like tai tai kind which is why a lot of people can connect to her style of travelling.

Most of her travelling pictures are her in jeans and trainers so do not expect glamour pics with high heels, make up and all dolled up. Having said that, once in a while, she will have 'attractive' pictures as a reward for her readers as well *winks* 

I have selected the more attractive pictures because my post is about PRETTY MALAYSIAN BLOGGERS. teehee. So if you wana see her in her jeans and trainers and like to know about places, you should read her blog! Actually before I go off for a trip, I will search her blog and check if she has been there before so I can get some ideas about the place. Smart right? LOL

Michelle Ooi - thekins
Rare leng lui! Why do I say that? Because she was born in Alor Star! How many people you know are actually from there? LOL She is known for her involvement in the fashion industry. She is being featured in magazines and you can see her in a lot of fashion events. 

Actually for me personally, I think her fashion style is moderate. Not that OOooooh or Waaaaah but its Pretty. Its simple and nice. Nothing loud or too adventurous. She is working on her own designs now and I cant wait to see it!

Isabella Kwan - B E L L
The girl next door. She is a student and blogger. I started reading her blog because my friend recommended it. She said this blogger writes very well and its enjoyable to read. But HAHA, as usual, I mostly browse her pictures. I like her style. Very classy and yet not over the top.

Most of her pictures, you wont be able to see her teeth because she is having braces. She blogs about travel, fashion, outings the usual stuffs. Nothing special or specific. If you like to see pretty girl and nice fashion style, give her blog a try!

Bell with Singaporean Blogger Dawn Yang
So, these are the pretty bloggers that I always read. Hehehehe. I hope you enjoyed it and do drop me a comment or email if you have other pretty bloggers that you read/follow! I would love to know! Sharing is caring~~~~~teeheeee


Giveaway - Vero Moda Dress from Doublewoot

I bought this dress from Doublewoot a long time ago. The fabric is really nice, very comfortable and not figure hugging at all.

Only worn it once and I don't really like it because I look fat in it. 

Vero Moda inspired skaterdress from Doubewoot
I know a lot of people tried to buy this but Doublewoot doesn't stock up enough so I decided since I am not going to wear it anymore, I might as well give it to somebody who likes it. The cutting for the dress is really nice.

Vero Moda inspired skaterdress in turquoise

I saw some people selling it at RM75.00! Check out what I found on trade or treats!

If I'm not mistaken, I bought it for only RM69.00! Someone out there is earning some money from it. Well, I am giving it FOR FREE!

Here is how you can win this:-

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(i) Tweet this 
'Giveaway - Vero Moda Dress from Doublewoot'
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So easy right? I will FB or Twitter message you to inform that you have won!
Giveaway ends on 8th July 2012!

ps : The dress does not include the black sash. You can always pair it with a cool belt! Be it a small waist belt or a huge one =)

Giveaway Ended! Congrats to the winner. You will contacted by email =)


Fashion Feed - Katy Perry 4th July Eyelash Look

Katy Perry is famous for her cotton candy look, her porcelain skin, big eyes and curvy figure. Her hair has been through extreme colour transformation as well from blue to purple.

So in line with the 4th of July celebrations and her own Part of Me 3D film, she had her eyelashes glam up for her movie premier at Leicester Square, London!!

She was spotted in a very beautiful gown with a mermaid tail cutting. Check out her heels as well. Great match for the gown. Her hair was pulled back neatly leaving her strong features to stand out especially the red lips!

Katy Perry - pictures credit to Getty Images
One would have never expected her eyelashes to be any different. Judging from the above pic, it just looks like the normal eyelashes. 

Gosh but when she was caught on camera leaning down for a kiss from her young fan, absolutely stunning!

Katy Perry-pictures credit Splash

The red blue white colours of her eyelashes! So Pretty!

Katy Perry has come a long way especially from her divorce with comedian Russell Brand. Her music itself has evolved from pop music like I Kissed a Girl to powerful vocals in E.T and Fireworks.

She works hard and never fail to deliver stunning music videos.

It was really funny to see how down to earth she is when Miss Perry herself got excited about her eyelashes. She posted a picture of it on her twitter!
Katy Perry's twitter

I wonder if Malaysia is showing her new film - Part of Me! Would be really entertaining to watch her on and off screen! 

Snippets of her in person, talking, joking just like the rest of us. Some shots of her in less make-up. hehehehe

Okay, one last pic of her eyelashes! LOVING IT SO MUCH! =D =D


Trendy Confessions - The Plus Size Store

Today's review is about Trendy Confessions. They are a online shop selling plus size clothes. Dresses, blouses, pants and skirts. 

Trendy Confessions are run by 2 sisters back in 2008 aiming to give plus size women out there trendy looks. They have a facebook page (Trendy Confessions FB page) but the main site running is their website here --> Trendy Confessions

Trendy Confessions Facebook page

And from their cover pic, you can see that they are going to have plus size corsets soon! This is surely exciting especially for the plus size women out there. It is so difficult to get plus size corsets! Can't wait to see the launch!

Here are some 'about them' details taken from their facebook page. Their clothes are featured in Blurry Boutique in Bangsar for those who wants to have a look.

Some details about Trendy Confessions found on their facebook page

They take order via email. You can also leave comment on their facebook pictures and they will respond. They provided their handphone number as well in case you needed to contact them. Some buyers can be very 'gan cheong' when it comes to their purchase.

Trendy Confessions contact details

I like the styles they have. It is not those lame moody dull outfits. They have plenty of colours, prints and stripes. It really do justice for the plus size women out there, proving that everyone can have fun in fashion and be bold!

Here are some of the captures of their website. I myself prefer to view it via facebook because the pictures are bigger. It is more convenient as well. Or maybe I have become so lazy to click on another tab. HAHAHA.

Trendy Confessions website
Bird's eye view of the collections
Individual view of the dress
Prices are of course slightly more expensive. I think it is priced fairly considering the prices out there for plus size clothes can be quite expensive.

Besides that, i like that they modelled the clothes as well. 

It is good to know that there are blogshops out there to cater other women and not just the stick thin anorexic models wannabe. 

If you happen to be a plus size, do try them out!