Who Am I?

Is there anyone out there that is curious of how I look like?

Ever wonder if I am some fugly ogre or gigantic slump of mess like Ugly Betty?

Hehe, I have actually received some mails asking how I look like. LOL. Well for starters, I am not a celebrity or camwhore pic type of person so there will not be a lot of pictures of me. 

But I guess I can understand where the question stems from, most bloggers now attract a lot of readers by posting camwhore pictures or outfit pictures or close up make up face. Which is totally fine because who doesn't like to see pretty girls, nice outfits and nice make up?

Well, some of my close friends obviously know who am I and how do I look like. I am not being secretive, it is just that I am not that type to share a lot about personal life. Think of me like some sort of secret agent that reports within.

And hey, to be fair, I might get different customer feedback if blogshops know who I am. They will be more attentive and provide extra good customer service so there won't be any bad reviews. And that is a tad unfair for the public, they will be misguided

I want to be treated equal as other consumers. Then again, I always use different identity for online shopping as well. HAHAHAHAAHHA. Thanks for those that allowed me to use your address *loves*

Having said that, I am sharing with you a picture of me so you all know I am real, I am a human and I am a female LOL. Not robot or alien okay *does a michael fassbender robot smile*

In time, I shall slowly reveal myself when I am more comfortable. But for now, hope this is sufficient to feed your curiosity (lucky you are not a cat eh). 



Friendly Fashion - Your One Stop Solution

If you are a big time online shopper like me, you would love this!

You know how there is risk when you shop online? You never know the true quality of the fabric, the length, the size, the colour and all. When you receive your parcel and saw the real deal, you don't like it. There is pretty much nothing you can do about it. So you just hide it in your closet in some godforsaken small area and never see it again.

Well why waste the space? If it doesn't suits you, it doesn't mean it is useless right?

Here is your ultimate solution to this problem --> Friendly Fashion.

Friendly Fashion is a one stop platform for people to sell, swap or giveaway what they don't use or not suitable anymore. I call it the SSG solution! Why waste space and have it in your closet to collect dust when you can earn some extra cash or be an angel and give it for free or better still, swap for something that you like! 

Besides the SSG solution, you get to meet people who are crazy online shoppers like you, share your experience about online shopping, fashion tips etc. Friendly Fashion also has a blog where they mix and match cool styles for your reference, introduce cool fashion stylista local bloggers. Isnt that everything under the sun?

Friendly Fashion runs via their website. You need to register and be a member to start the SSG. You can also like them on facebook for fashion style updates.

Friendly Fashion Facebook Page
Friendly Fashion is not only for girls! They have Male section as well. Fair to everybody right? No sexist or discrimation talk yoz~~

Friendly Fashion is also recently been awarded to be the online shop of the year by Digi WOWWOW Awards. You can tell how WOWsome it is! =D

Their website is also very user friendly. You post the picture of the garment you are selling or swapping or giving away on the website. Anyone who is interested in it will click on the I WANT button. From thereon, you just communicate with the interested parties on the T&C, mailing and postage charges. 

You can see from the screen capture below that the right side of the site shows you the information about the owner.

So you might ask, what if there are dishonest people? Well, for the crooks out there, Y U SO JAHAT? We can't avoid people from doing bad things, but we can always hope that we meet good people. Before you enter into any SSG with a person, you can always check on the member profile. There are like fb likes for feedback. So the more thumbs up you see, the more trustworthy the member is and you will feel safe to deal with the person.

Alternatively, you can browse through the member list and see who has a lot of LIKES. You can then click into their profile and check out what they have for SSG.

In case you get lost, don't fret. There is a FAQ tab on Friendly Fashion website. If you are a bit skeptical with the idea of SSG, take your time and read through the FAQ. It is very comprehensive and covers almost all the doubts you have! 

You can really get cheap deals there and it does not only have dresses but shoes as well! OMG! I promise you that the moment you see the price, your heart will skip a beat! Cheap deals and who doesn't like cheap deals? HAHAHAHA

See the picture above? The dress at the bottom left priced at RM50.00? That dress is a sold out piece on Doublewoot and Attire Attic with a selling price of RM69.00. For those who missed out on that dress, you can get it now at only RM50.00! Cool or not?

And this La Senza lingerie. OMG SO CHEAP! RM55.00 SAHAJA?

The best thing about Friendly Fashion is that you don't have to be dealing with SSG to visit the website. You can go to their blog and browse their fashion tips. I am personally really loving that section. Even match up with nail polish as well. So attentive *loves*

So what are you waiting for? Register as a member and start the SSG going on. I can't wait to go through my wardrobe and start taking pictures for the SSG! 

Have to thank the 2 sisters Nadzirah and Diyana that started the website to clear off their closet and end up turning the website into a cool community for girls to share and SSG!

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

I am so so sorry for MIA-ing the last few days. Things have been crazy and there are a lot of stuffs going on.

Anyway, I wanted to share this MAGICAL product to all of you. I read about this from a fashion beauty lifestyle blogger called Suzi. You can like her facebook page at StyleSuzi.

She shared this video about a nail polish remover from Bourjois. For those who are not familiar with the brand, it is a UK brand. I love their nail polish especially the french manicure. They have a special brush for you to create perfect french manicure without any fuss (maybe I will blog about it in future).

Well, being a nail polish addict myself, I always find removing them to be the shittiest part. Especially when some of them are peeling off or fading, gosh aklhfebjblfsLBLFSD LOOK SO UGLY. From beautiful fingers, you will have old, dull and fugly fingers.

And the removing part is always the most troublesome because you need to spend time on it. Dabbing the cotton, rubbing it on your nail ONE BY ONE and after that, you can feel the skin of your fingertips being very dry. Annoying right?

Well, don't be because I may have just found the best solution for everyone!


Photo taken from StyleSuzi.com
Dont underestimate this small little bottle. It does miracle. Suzi made a video on how to use it and you can see how effective it is. 

For those who are lazy to load the video, let me explain to you how it works.

Open the lid, dip your finger into the bottle, move the bottle in circular motion for about 2-3 seconds, pull your finger out and TADAAAAAH, your nail is clean! No more nail polish!

Abit hard to believe right? WATCH THE VIDEO AND YOU WILL KNOW!

Even more amazing is that this magic bottle only costs GBP4.99! That is like RM25.00 only! So convenient and fuss free. Save cotton as well. Your fingers wont be destroyed by the chemical from nail polish remover.

I am getting this next month no matter what! For anyone who is interested, please email me! Magical nail polish remover, can probably cheat kids with it. MAGIC AHHHHH! hahahaahahahahaa.


Fashion Feed - Denim is Back!

Still remember somewhere between year 2004 and 2006 where denim style was the IT style? Everyone has a denim jacket, wearing jeans is the coolest thing, Louis Vuitton having denim series, manicure styled with denim pieces etc.

Then colour block came followed by polka dots and stripes.

Well I think denim is gonna be back in fashion. Why? Celebrities have been spotted in denim styles lately! And its not just denim like jeans cause come on, everyone has a pair of jeans and jeans is always in style LOL

Denim style with full dress of denim! Check them out!
Diane Kruger looking elegant in a light wash denim dress

Katie Holmes spotted in a denim shift dress paired with a slim brown belt and bright green pumps.

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise.
 What do you think? Do you like denim? Can't wait for it to be back in fashion?

Denim always have a way of making people look young and chic. It just never really goes out of style. For eg polka dots is more retro. Stripes is more like an illusion style but denim, denim is YOUNG!

If you still have denim clothes in your closet, maybe its time to dig them out and get them ready *winks*



Su-estilo. I dont really know the pronunciation so I read it as SUE ASS TILO. Its up to you how you want to pronounce it. 

I came to know about them through a blogger, Bell. Su-estilo have their own website, twitter account (@suestilocom) as well as a facebook page

Su-estilo website
Su-estilo Facebook Page
Twitter account
Su-estilo is started by 2 girls who love shopping and fashion (I guess all online sites do). They have been in the business for a year now and its their 1st year anniversary. Congrats!

They sell very girly clothes. Feminine, elegant and classy. Nothing like hip hop rock n roll crap. Not a lot of corporate wear. More to casual cocktail girls night out style.

Here are some pictures taken from their website for your viewing.

Loving those floral prints right? And they are ON SALE!

What better now is they are giving FREE DELIVERY for purchase above RM35.00! HOW EASY IS THAT? hahahaahhaa, basically it meas you get free delivery for even 1 purchase!

Their prices are not expensive. Unless for maxi dresses of course it will be more expensive. Other than that, blouse, top, dresses, skirt are hardly above RM65.00! For those who frequent online shopping will know that the basic price for a good quality piece would be RM69.00. But hey, they are selling nice dresses at RM59.00!

Check out this simple dress. I have seen other site selling simple dress as such for RM65.00 and at Su-estilo, you can get it at RM59.00 AND FREE POSLAJU DELIVERY

They have a theme for their collection every month and this July, it is Absolute Feminity. Love the picture and the concept. Most pieces launched in July are very Coco Chanel and elegant.

They accept all sorts of payments. Maybank CIMB Hong Leong RHB Paypal VISA etc. Place your order by either emailing them or the 'add cart' system on their website. You can obtain further information from their website.

Now GOOD NEWS! They are celebrating their 1st anniversary and is giving away RM10 voucher for every sign up! So faster go sign up! You can read about the discount voucher more at BELL. Our country's very own beautiful blogger who is still studying!

BELL website
Taken from BELL website
This voucher giveaway ends 31st July so hurry up! Pretty dresses, affordable prices, free delivery and VOUCHER?!?!?!?! How much better can it gets?


Pretty Malaysian Bloggers

Here are some of the pretty bloggers in Malaysia that you need to know. Its also considered general knowledge! You can't deny the power of blogging now and these pretty Malaysian bloggers here have blogged for more than 3 years, some even more than that. They are like the household names in the Malaysian blogosphere. 

People in other countries read their blogs and know about their existence. If you are not too keen to memorize the names of all our prime ministers, never mind. But as a dutiful Malaysian, at least get to know these bloggers!

Being a female myself, I prefer reading female bloggers because I get to see fashion, nice clothes, make up, skincare, girls stuff basically. I am not much of a food blog stalker because it gets a bit boring and I get angry looking at the food but not getting to eat them. HAHAHAHA. And who doesn't like to see pretty girls? I now introduce you to the Pretty Malaysian Bloggers in the eyes of Comparative Eye!

Cheesie - Cheeserland
She is Miss Everything! Speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Bahasa Melayu and JAPANESE. Most probably she knows some other dialect like Hokkien and Hakka as well. She loves Japanese Fashion and Japan is considered her second home. She probably goes to Japan more than Johorians go to Singapore. Yes, that is how frequent it is.

She was even invited by a known fashion brand EMODA for the fashion events! Feel proud having her representing Malaysia =D =D

Cheesie has long slender slim legs, really nice hair, good fashion sense and really down to earth! She still replies to comments on her blog. How many bloggers out there still do that? Hehe. Here are some of the pictures I screencapped from her blog. 

If you love reading blogs, read hers. Although she always said its a crap blog, it is not. She talks about fashion and travelling a lot. She is a very private person, being engaged now she has not even share a picture of her future husband!

Audrey Ooi - fourfeetnine
I call her the Ayumi Hamasaki of Malaysia. Good pals with Cheesie, they are both known for their love for japanese fashion. She speaks Japanese as well. Both of them were on some 8tv show before and proved to the world how close they are, answering correctly all questions about each other.

She is also known to be the female lead in the infamous meme proposal that even got Christina Perri's attention. Go google meme proposal and you should be able to watch the proposal video. So cute and funny!!

Here are some pictures of her taken from her blog. Check out the hair colour and the eyebrow. Screams Hamasaki Ayumi. Oh and I love Ayumi Hamasaki a lot! I used to remember the lyrics to all her songs but then kpop invaded and I kinda switch channel. Ai, so sorry Ayumi, I am such a bad fan! But I still love her as an artist! She is class!

So back to fourfeetnine, I love her blogging style. She always make me laugh. I dont know why as well. LOL. People always make fun of her height and I get it cause I am not that tall >"<. 

Jane Chuck - chuckei
Most probably the youngest among the bloggers that I read. She is well known for her beauty. Have a look at her pictures and you will know why. She has the kacukan (mix blood) look.

Like Girls Generation kinda pretty. Fair, nice long hair, captivating eyes and of course good body. At times, she looks like a Korean or Taiwanese. As she is still studying, you can expect a lot of partying pictures. I like her blog mainly because I like stalking her pretty pictures. Eye candy is always good to waste my time off.

Nicole - nicolekiss
Famous Malaysian travel blogger mainly because she backpack or homestay travel most of the time. She has readers from all over the world that when she contacts them, she gets to stay with them and have her own local guide. Not the glamour travel like tai tai kind which is why a lot of people can connect to her style of travelling.

Most of her travelling pictures are her in jeans and trainers so do not expect glamour pics with high heels, make up and all dolled up. Having said that, once in a while, she will have 'attractive' pictures as a reward for her readers as well *winks* 

I have selected the more attractive pictures because my post is about PRETTY MALAYSIAN BLOGGERS. teehee. So if you wana see her in her jeans and trainers and like to know about places, you should read her blog! Actually before I go off for a trip, I will search her blog and check if she has been there before so I can get some ideas about the place. Smart right? LOL

Michelle Ooi - thekins
Rare leng lui! Why do I say that? Because she was born in Alor Star! How many people you know are actually from there? LOL She is known for her involvement in the fashion industry. She is being featured in magazines and you can see her in a lot of fashion events. 

Actually for me personally, I think her fashion style is moderate. Not that OOooooh or Waaaaah but its Pretty. Its simple and nice. Nothing loud or too adventurous. She is working on her own designs now and I cant wait to see it!

Isabella Kwan - B E L L
The girl next door. She is a student and blogger. I started reading her blog because my friend recommended it. She said this blogger writes very well and its enjoyable to read. But HAHA, as usual, I mostly browse her pictures. I like her style. Very classy and yet not over the top.

Most of her pictures, you wont be able to see her teeth because she is having braces. She blogs about travel, fashion, outings the usual stuffs. Nothing special or specific. If you like to see pretty girl and nice fashion style, give her blog a try!

Bell with Singaporean Blogger Dawn Yang
So, these are the pretty bloggers that I always read. Hehehehe. I hope you enjoyed it and do drop me a comment or email if you have other pretty bloggers that you read/follow! I would love to know! Sharing is caring~~~~~teeheeee