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ASOS Cut Out Dress - Doublewoot, Attire Attic and IIvory Couture!

Thanks for the feedback. I know this will annoy most blogshops but readers love it and competition is important for consumers to get the best deals out there!

Here is one lovely dress sold on 3 online sites and all selling at different prices:-

IIvory Couture - RM60.00

Doublewoot - RM67.00

Attire Attic RM64.00

Attire Attic - RM64.00
As usual Doublewoot wins by selling it at the most expensive price, do note however that they give free poslaju delivery on purchase for RM100 and above. That means you need to buy another dress from them!

Cheapest is IIvory Couture! No free delivery though! So if you take poslaju, you will need to top up extra RM6 or RM7 making the dress total cost to be RM67.00. Same price as Doublewoot selling price but you do not feel obliged to buy another dress to get free delivery *winks*

Attire Attic doesn't give free delivery as well unless you are purchasing 5 pieces and above (which is not quite possible unless you love a lot of their dresses)

You can easily search Doublewoot on facebook or their website.

IIvory Couture runs solely via Facebook.

Attire Attic is still very old school! BLOGSPOT! GO BLOGSPOT!

Pick the best deals buyers!


One Dress 4 Sites

Shocker shocker.

I have to admit, I LOVE THIS DRESS. But I refrain myself from buying it because I want to see how available is this dress in the market.

And lucky me, I was right. The dress keep popping out at other sites. Sometimes I wish the online sites do a little bit more of research and not to pick the same design that can be seen at other online sites. 

They always tell you 
'specially handpicked' 
'exclusive labels' 
'Must have' 
'Limited pieces'

Browse through and tell me how true it is. 

30th March 2012, Doublewoot introduced it and sold it at RM70.00
Doublewoot RM70.00
Thinking its safe, but 2 months down the road, Atire Attic is selling it at RM69.00 (cheapest of the bunch so far). Attire Attic uploaded it on 15th May 2012.
Attire Attic RM69.00
Then the ball starts rolling, 18th May 2012, IIvory Couture selling it at RM70.00 
IIvory Couture RM70.00
And finally last but not least, Curves Boutique just launched it as their new collection on 31st May 2012 selling at RM70.00.

Curves Boutique RM70.00
So much that I love this dress, I have to let it go. Like the song Too Much by Spice Girls 

"Too much of something is bad enough"

Stay alert shoppers!


Lexi Lyla v IIvory Couture

For those of you that still do not know, Lexi Lyla is an online site in Singapore. Created by their own celebrity blogger, Dawn Yang and her lil sister.

The site looks CLASSY! With the nice design and nice pictures, even the model is ang moh.

Well so I was doing what I always do, browsing through sites, checking the pictures, I came across the new launch from Lexi Lyla and saw this dress in particular; the Catherine Dress.

Lexi Lyla - SGD 62.00
Lexi Lyla is selling it at SGD 62.00, that is RINGGIT MALAYSIA 151.00

Our own Malaysia blogshop; IIvory Couture is also selling the exact same piece at guess what? RM70.00

IIvory Couture - RM70.00

And hey, IIvory Couture posted that in April and its SOLD OUT now. Catherine Dress is Lexi Lyla's new launch, May 2012.

Wow, really? One month later? How slow can the fashion scene be in Singapore? Or maybe because there is no competition?

Unless the material of Catherine dress is damn good, its a bit too pricy dont you think? SGD62 is about RM151.00. YOU CAN BUY ABOUT 3 DRESSES!

Lexi Lyla only provide free local shipping for purchase of more than SGD160. Can't even imagine the cost for international shipping!

Maybe the model is expensive? Maybe the website is expensive? Maybe the photoshoot is expensive? or maybe its just because its Dawn Yang? hmm.....curiouser curiouser

Singaporeans should start looking into Malaysian blogshops. Fast updates, latest trend, cheaper, even if its considered 'international' shipping, it wont cost you that much to bear for that.

Anyone a Lexi Lyla's customer? Really love to hear some feedback!


Attire Attic v Cocktails Martinis

Hello lovelies, anyone of you happen to love this dress? 

A lovely flare dress with lace detail at the top. Gives you a feminine and girly look at the same time.

I spotted 2 online sites selling it. Attire Attic and Cocktails & Martinis.

Here is the one from Attire Attic

Attire Attic - RM62.00

Attire Attic - RM62.00
 And here is the same dress at Cocktails & Martinis.

Cocktails & Martinis - RM65.00
Both are selling the same brown colour. 

Cocktails & Martinis have Black colour while Attire Attic have soft pink!

Difference of the price is not a lot, just RM3.00. 

However on postage, both provide the same rate for Poslaju which is RM6.00 for one piece of dress. Attire Attic allows you the option of registered post at the price of RM3.00. 

Cocktails & Martinis do not give free postage. Attire Attic do but you will need to purchase 5 pieces and above (do note that the free postage is registered mail and not Poslaju). 

Well, you do the math! ;)


Here or there?

Brief update!

A reader dropped me an email saying she is interested in the below two dresses and asked me if I have seen it before elsewhere.

Well, yes I do. So here it goes. 

As reviewed before, Curves Boutique sell their dresses at RM70.
The other online site that sells the same dress as them is Doublewoot. 

Curves Boutique - RM70.00
Doublewoot - RM69.00
Not much difference. Just RM1. 

Curves Boutique - RM70.00
Doublewoot - RM70.00
Both online shop are selling the above same dress at the same price, RM70.00. 

However you might want to consider about the postage charges. 

Curves Boutique gives free delivery for purchase of 5 pieces and above.

Doublewoot gives free delivery for purchase of RM100 and above. So basically you need to buy 2 dresses and postage is FREE!

Always remember to add your postage cost and average out the price of the dress. That way, you can get the best value out of online shopping! 

Although you might think that its okay to pay more since the dresses get delivered right at your doorstep, well think again. If other online site can give free delivery and still earn profit, why can't this online site provide free delivery?

Its good to be spoilt by choices and hey, competition is healthy for consumers *winks* May the best site with the best deal wins!