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Glam Stage

First of all, sorry for the slow updates! Been busy busy busy!

Today's post is about this new shopping site known as Glam Stage.

Glam Stage is another online shopping site that runs mainly using Facebook. They were established back in March 2012 so they are considered new to the crowd!

New competitior in joining the crowd of popular online shopping sites like Doublewoot, IIvory Couture, Curves Boutique and Attire Attic.

Why do I say that? Mainly because the line of clothes they are selling are the same. Not all, mostly the same. So for shoppers who love designs from Doublewoot, IIvory Couture, Curves Boutique and Attire Attic, you do not have to worry if you can't secure your favourite dresses cause its OUT OF STOCK or SOLD OUT, you have more options now!

Although Attire Attic is recently taking a change in their collection, not so many office wear but more to casual wear. You might not necessarily see the same designs you see in Doublewoot, IIvory Couture and Curves Boutiques now at Attire Attic.

So GLAM STAGE! Name also damn GLAMOUR-kan. Here are some of the information you might want to know about them, taken from their own Facebook Page.

They do not provide POSLAJU delivery so far as I know. Only registered mail. They are based in Kuala Lumpur.

One thing that they have that most of the online shopping sites dont is they have their prices in SGD as well. So I'm guessing they have quite a huge customer base in Singapore.

For example the dress below

Here is the pricing in the picture below. You can clearly sees the price for Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and Singapore Dollar (SGD). And wow, they are earning quite a bit from Singaporeans ah. SGD40.90 is RM98.16. 

Well but sweat not, the price in SGD is including postage! HEHE so not that bad LAH!!
I have previously blogged about this dress at Fake Victoria Beckham. You can check out the prices there. Here is a quick one for your easy reference.

Doublewoot RM69.00 Curves Boutique RM70.00

This design is so far not spotted on IIvory Couture and Attire Attic yet. As far as prices are concerned Doublewoot is the cheapest. Maybe Glam Stage should check out their competitors more and reduce on their selling price. Not to mention that Curves Boutique and Doublewoot gives out free postage as well.

Here is another design that can you get to see in these few boutiques.

I am not saying it is bad but just think twice before you buy because the more boutique selling it means more people will be wearing it and you don't want to be caught in a situation where you are face to face with someone who is wearing the same piece as you.

On the other hand, it is good news for those who doesn't mind to be seen wearing it because if one boutique doesnt have stock, you know you always have other options *winks*

I have bought from all of those boutiques and I will do a write up about all of them soon. Comparing their service, prices and quality of garments. It will be a long post though. HAHA.

Until then, hope you enjoyed this post!


ASOS Cut Out Dress - Doublewoot, Attire Attic and IIvory Couture!

Thanks for the feedback. I know this will annoy most blogshops but readers love it and competition is important for consumers to get the best deals out there!

Here is one lovely dress sold on 3 online sites and all selling at different prices:-

IIvory Couture - RM60.00

Doublewoot - RM67.00

Attire Attic RM64.00

Attire Attic - RM64.00
As usual Doublewoot wins by selling it at the most expensive price, do note however that they give free poslaju delivery on purchase for RM100 and above. That means you need to buy another dress from them!

Cheapest is IIvory Couture! No free delivery though! So if you take poslaju, you will need to top up extra RM6 or RM7 making the dress total cost to be RM67.00. Same price as Doublewoot selling price but you do not feel obliged to buy another dress to get free delivery *winks*

Attire Attic doesn't give free delivery as well unless you are purchasing 5 pieces and above (which is not quite possible unless you love a lot of their dresses)

You can easily search Doublewoot on facebook or their website.

IIvory Couture runs solely via Facebook.

Attire Attic is still very old school! BLOGSPOT! GO BLOGSPOT!

Pick the best deals buyers!


Trash Talk

I posted something on 4 shopping sites selling the same dress and  received massive feedback. Some thanking me cause they do not know about it and well of course, some not so positive responses.

Since this Anonymous chose to comment publicly, I decided to state my opinion out as well.

Read these comments found under the post One Dress 4 Sites. Smarty pants decided that shoppers shall go for high fashion designer brands if you want exclusive garments.  
Well hello Smarty Pants. I am thinking you are either one very very fair person or happen to be one of the friends or maybe the owner of one of the online sites that were being reviewed.

First of all, YOU GUESS ITS NOT FAIR? So even you think that there is a possibility that it is fair? If you guess its not fair, the other guess is that it is fair, am I right?

Second, BAN? Who am I to ban other brands? And have I ever mentioned the word BAN for those online shopping sites?

Third, I dont even know if you thought about it before commenting. VINCCI? Seriously? Do they even sell dress? Your example does not stand at all. If you are so smart, find one design from MNG Esprit Guess and Giordano that is the same. I will then go ahead and BAN them since you think I can do it.

Fourth, "difference of those boutiques and the brands mentioned?" OMGEE really? I need to explain that to you? Those brands are first of all BRAND. Boutique is a SHOP. 

Fifth, everyone wants their penny spent to be worth, be it a cheap deal or a designer brand. Well of course if one can afford to go for designer brand, I do not think they will really care much of what others are talking reviewing or selling. So for shoppers who buy online, they still want a good deal. Unless you are speaking as a seller, then it is different. 

Sixth, if you can say that you like the dress and will still buy them despite other sites are selling it, what is the point of your comment? Isn't it a bit conflicting?

Seventh, oh good, so you attend a lot of events. Please be a doll and update us if you see any dress from an online shopping site in any events you attended, that case, I am sure the readers will be more than happy to know.

Here is my humble reply to the comments.

Received the same identical comments on 2 different posts. This was found on the Cocktails & Martinis post. What a good job you did as well Smarty Pants anonymous, copy and paste your own comments.

(ps : check on the time) 

And hey, just in case you missed out, I did state that if one is really interested with a particular design, they are always entitled to buy what they want. Afterall, its their cash, not mine.

Next time if you want to comment negative things suggesting me to ban brands, either because you want'to be fair' or 'to stand up for your favourite online sites', don't hide behind the shield of anonymous. 


One Dress 4 Sites

Shocker shocker.

I have to admit, I LOVE THIS DRESS. But I refrain myself from buying it because I want to see how available is this dress in the market.

And lucky me, I was right. The dress keep popping out at other sites. Sometimes I wish the online sites do a little bit more of research and not to pick the same design that can be seen at other online sites. 

They always tell you 
'specially handpicked' 
'exclusive labels' 
'Must have' 
'Limited pieces'

Browse through and tell me how true it is. 

30th March 2012, Doublewoot introduced it and sold it at RM70.00
Doublewoot RM70.00
Thinking its safe, but 2 months down the road, Atire Attic is selling it at RM69.00 (cheapest of the bunch so far). Attire Attic uploaded it on 15th May 2012.
Attire Attic RM69.00
Then the ball starts rolling, 18th May 2012, IIvory Couture selling it at RM70.00 
IIvory Couture RM70.00
And finally last but not least, Curves Boutique just launched it as their new collection on 31st May 2012 selling at RM70.00.

Curves Boutique RM70.00
So much that I love this dress, I have to let it go. Like the song Too Much by Spice Girls 

"Too much of something is bad enough"

Stay alert shoppers!


Attire Attic v Cocktails Martinis

Hello lovelies, anyone of you happen to love this dress? 

A lovely flare dress with lace detail at the top. Gives you a feminine and girly look at the same time.

I spotted 2 online sites selling it. Attire Attic and Cocktails & Martinis.

Here is the one from Attire Attic

Attire Attic - RM62.00

Attire Attic - RM62.00
 And here is the same dress at Cocktails & Martinis.

Cocktails & Martinis - RM65.00
Both are selling the same brown colour. 

Cocktails & Martinis have Black colour while Attire Attic have soft pink!

Difference of the price is not a lot, just RM3.00. 

However on postage, both provide the same rate for Poslaju which is RM6.00 for one piece of dress. Attire Attic allows you the option of registered post at the price of RM3.00. 

Cocktails & Martinis do not give free postage. Attire Attic do but you will need to purchase 5 pieces and above (do note that the free postage is registered mail and not Poslaju). 

Well, you do the math! ;)


Attire Attic

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed the previous review on Curves Boutique. This post today is rather special because I bought dresses from them and I can thus review on their customer service.

The blogshop under review is called Attire Attic

They are the one of the few traditional blogshops left on virtual supermarket. Most online shops have move on to Facebook page or the better ones with $$$ has their own fancy website.

Attire Attic started in 2008 and has been active for almost 3 years. Their main market is working ladies, selling mostly work attire. Their dresses are very feminine as well, with cuts and designs that flaunt a woman's curves at just the right places.

Here are some basic facts about them:

Location : Not stated but they are from KL (I have my poslaju receipt as proof)
Updates : Once a week on every Saturday. Sometimes they do update on a weekday as well.
Contact : No SMS, strictly only on email basis.
Postage : Registered mail or poslaju (see below)

 Five pieces and above will be entitled for free postage, but it is registered mail and not poslaju. Note that registered mail takes longer to arrive. 

The pricing for their dresses are reasonable. Mostly under RM70 (which is good) and the quality of the dresses are good as well.

The good thing with Attire Attic is, for dresses that they sell which are the same to other blogshops, they are always selling it at a lower price. It is either the same or lower, hardly ever to be more expensive than the other blogshops. Their stock on colours are limited though. For example the dress below, Attire Attic doesn't have it in yellow. Maybe they choose not to sell that colour as it is not a common colour that consumers will buy.

Miss Moore Crotchet Dress (Red) - RM69

The above same dress was also sold in another online store called Doublewoot and both are selling at the same price RM69. 
Doublewoot's Lacrose in Yellow - RM69

And bla bla bla the good points about them, so whats the catch? Well, everyone has a flaw and so does online store. 

Attire Attic is slow in replying emails. They do not attend sms, though i don't see the need of them saying that since they did not provide any contact number unless you have it on your poslaju slip. bwahahahaha. I bought from them before so I am speaking of experience, their communication with the consumer is not that efficient. 

One of my dresses are actually not in stock so there is a bit of a delay, they did not email me and notify that. I was scared that I got cheated and I email them to follow up. They replied telling me about the delay and apologize for it (but no voucher given hahaha). Also, one of the dresses that I ordered and paid, is no longer available in the colour I want =( and they only tell me about it when I asked about my dresses in the email.

On the efficiency of delivery, it takes about a week to process your order. HAHA why do I say that? Thats because they collect stock on every Saturday. So if you place your order and make payment on a Monday/Tuesday, you will have to wait till the following Monday or Tuesday to receive your dress, provided there is no hiccups in between like no stock or no colour.

Before I end this post, one more important point I would like to make. The model for Attire Attic has  A GOOD BODY

Check out the curvessssssss. S figure ok!
This is good for consumers because most blogshops have thin skinny models so it will be a bit difficult for general consumers to weigh the size of the dress. Go on to the site to check out more curvaceous photossssss.

Alrighty folks, hope this review helps and till then~~ciao bella~~~